Who Is Reading Your Blog Post?

Who is reading your Blog post? One of the most important things I have been advised continually to do as a Blogger is to think about who I am speaking to through my Blog. Who do I want to read my posts? It can be very easy when we first start out blogging to take the...

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The Friendship Agenda

A Friendship Agenda? I was at the Stylist Live event recently and had the good fortune to listen to Caitlin Moran in conversation with Sali Hughes talking about the meaning of friendships. And I have to admit that at one point, I had to suppress a big snort and stop...

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Top Tips For Your Loft Conversion

Having recently undergone a loft conversion, I thought it would be useful to share some top tips with you for the things you may want to consider in advance of and during your build. You can also find links below to my Loft Conversion Series which takes you through...

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Living etc – I Would Live In A House Like This

Imagine my delight to receive an invite from a blogging buddy to join her as a VIP guest at the Living etc House Tours last week. I got a little bit over excited by this as I am sure you can imagine given my love of all things home and the fact that we are currently...

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Loft Conversion Series – Part 4 – Floors & Doors

Woo hoo!! The scaffolding is down and the skip is history.  That skip that just kept on giving.  To everyone. We are done. The build is complete.  There are a few little bits to be done as you would expect but our crusty old roof is soon to be a bedroom. For the first...

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The Injustice of Scales

For anyone following a fitness and healthy eating programme in their quest for a bit of body maintenance, you will understand my lack of understanding at the injustice of scales. Scales do not lie.  They share a common trait with the mirror. Except that I have...

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Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

What fun I had pulling this Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea together. Having decided she really wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland film for her birthday with friends, my daughter then conveniently spotted a very suitable cake stand in a local shop.  I said...

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I want to share a few of my favourite things and areas in the home here with you today. There is a reason for doing so and that's because when the house is in turmoil and there is building dust everywhere, you have got to focus on the positive - right? And so I am. We...

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Time For Some Autumn Fashion

As crazy as it seems, the autumn fashion has been making it's way into the stores for a while now. Have you seen it?  What do you think? It's hard to imagine ever wearing anything other than summer gear at the moment, but don't forget how easily we can be caught out...

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A Business Blog Example

In my recent post, Writing Prompts for a business blog, I shared some ideas for blog posts.  I also said that I would share with you a business blog example this time. I have chatted to a few people that have found that content can sometimes be a little hard to come...

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