Introducing the new Tweens, Teens & Beyond Linky

As a mother of a 10 year old daughter, I am delighted to have the opportunity to join together with some fellow teen and tween bloggers Jo at Mother of Teenagers and Sharon at After The Playground to introduce a new linky relating to the Tweens and Teens in our lives....

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Bathroom Reveal

So here is the final bathroom reveal with a reminder of where it all started.     It's not a big room so it's not possible to take a photograph of the whole room as I did here when there were no walls.   I've done my best!!     You will have seen...

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Bedroom Reveal

I thought it was high time that a proper reveal of the bedroom and bathroom were forthcoming.  Progress has been pretty slow - but necessarily so.  Of course we had Christmas in-between too. It is generally the way that when you are looking for something, you can't...

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Our Top 10 of The First 10 Years

With another half term approaching  and one of the last few for us in primary school, I've been reflecting back on some of our top days out and holidays up to the tender age of 10. When I look back, we have done some fabulous things.  We do love a trip in this...

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A Personalised Bauble Is Not Just for Valentine’s Day

A bauble is not just for Valentine's Day. Nor Christmas. I saw these baubles on Instagram and I thought how lovely to have some made for my two 'loves' for Valentine's  Day. Just look.  Aren't they gorgeous.     They have been gifted to me by Ali at The...

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Knowing When It’s ‘OK’ Not To Know

Something occurred to me recently that really helped me to understand the defensive behaviour around homework that we were seeing from the Tween. And that is whether we tell our children often enough that 'it's ok not to know'?  That it's not wrong or shameful. In...

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Give Frizz the Schnizz with The Aquis Hair Towel

I am a woman of hair.  Big hair. I have been blessed or perhaps possessed by having very thick hair.  It is wavy but not curly, yet curly when it should be straight.  The devils own combination. Both curly and straight are not good when faced with moisture. It's...

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A Copper Love Affair – The Alana Mirror

What is it with us and mirrors you ask? It's not a vanity thing - honest!  More of a happy coincidence.  Happy that this darling mirror has arrived. I cannot tell you how many times we have walked into the bathroom to look at ourselves in the tiles.  How can that be? ...

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Let There Be Tights – Divine Legs Subscription Box

  Let there be tights! The more the merrier I say.  As our little legs negotiate these harsh winter months, tights are a key item to our outfits on chilly days like today.     You all know how passionate I am about small business. And how I love to rave...

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Blue Monday – Done But Not Out

I wanted to talk about Blue Monday today. Primarily because it is Blue Monday.  But also to try to understand just what it is about this poor old Monday that gives it such a reputation. It may also have been a bit of a Smelly Saturday and Stinky Sunday for many...

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