Bloggers Get Stuck for Ideas Too!

Part of keeping a blog going is - well - keeping it going. As a blogger, when you are putting out a lot of content, over a long period of time, you do actually get moments, where you hit a bit of a wall - and are lost for words. I think those in the trade would call...

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7 Reasons To Have A Social Media and Online Break

I made the decision this year that as soon as our holiday started, I was going to take a break from all things online - Social Media, the iPhone and everything that requires or more to the point - encourages a 'check-in'. The best way to do this was to let the battery...

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Fiskardo, Kefalonia

Our holiday to Kefalonia and long awaited return to Greece this summer was all about relaxation and family time.  This is something that Greece does so very well.     That's not to say that our little arms can't be easily twisted for a bit of an Island...

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Argostoli, Kefalonia – The Delightful Capital

During our family holiday to Lassi in Kefalonia this year, we stumbled upon Argostoli, the delightful capital.  We were very well placed for frequent visits to Argostoli with it being less than a ten minute journey away at our base in Lassi. Argostoli is the main town...

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Alice’s Adventures Underground

Having been given the opportunity to provide a review for the Alice's Adventures Underground show, we cannot help but feel incredibly jammy at having stumbled upon a corker like this on the first week of the school holidays.  Particularly on the wettest week. Ditching...

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Why Does the Full Moon Play Havoc with My Sleep?

I'm not sure if it's my imagination but we seem to be having a lot of Full Moons this year? The reason I have become so aware of this is because it plays havoc with my sleep. I cannot sleep and I cannot get to sleep. Anyone else? I dread hearing that there is going to...

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Wayfair Blogger Picks for our Loft Bedroom

As a Wayfair Home Experts Blogger, I have been given the opportunity to select six 'Blogger Picks' from the fabulous Wayfair collection. As you know, I had the pleasure of styling a Picnic Hamper recently.  In fact, said hamper will be taking a little outing to an...

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Interview with Charlotte Posner – Contemporary Artist

It was with absolute delight that I had the opportunity to interview local Contemporary Artist Charlotte Posner recently. Charlotte's artwork has been popping up on my Social Media feed for some time and I was so drawn to her designs that I started to follow...

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How To Make Strawberry & Lavender Flavoured Gin

Having teased you with the delights of our homemade Strawberry & Lavender Gin in our recent picnic hamper, I though it was only fair to share the recipe here too. Gin is really having it's moment isn't it.  I am marvelling at all of the different Gin products...

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Home & Design is a passion along with a love of personal development. Parenting a pre-teen from our little space in London is a learning journey and we also love our family trips, holidays and days out.

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