Accessorising with Door Knobs

We are very slowly getting the new loft bedroom furnished and accessorised and it is often the small things that make all the difference.   On this occasion, I'm talking about door knobs.  And how one small thing of beauty can change an otherwise boring door. We have...

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‘Tw’elf on the Shelf

A 'Tw'elf on the Shelf? On our shelf?   Well I can certainly say there is much excitement in the household. I have watched with wonder and excitement over the last few years as I see these Elves arriving in peoples houses during December.  I have to say I always...

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#UnPocoDeToDoUK Featured Photos 5 December

Welcome to this week’s #UnPocoDeToDoUK (Spanish for “A little bit of everything”) with Franca, Maria, Tracey, Nadia and myself.     There were 16 link ups last week.  Not as many as usual but we realise December is a mad month!  Nevertheless, they were all...

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Jingle Bells, Christmas Smells …………………..

So here we are - December is upon us folks and as Christmas is all about getting together, I've joined with some of my favourite bloggers to share some Christmas cheer and inspiration. This group of wonderful bloggers are sharing some fabulous Christmas ideas.  There...

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#UnPocoDeToDoUK Featured Posts 28 November

Welcome to this week’s #UnPocoDeToDoUK (Spanish for “A little bit of everything”) with Maria, Tracey, Nadia and myself.  Franca is away this week in Paris so will not be co-hosting until her return.   There were 20 link ups last week.  You linked up some very...

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Sleeping Tight with the Leesa Mattress

I wrote recently about our quest to find a new mattress for our converted loft room and how we hadn't particularly enjoyed shopping for a mattress. We found it a little uncomfortable and, let's face it,  you really cannot tell much from a 2 minute lie down.  Obviously...

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#UnPocoDeToDoUK Featured Photos 21 November

Welcome to this week’s #UnPocoDeToDoUK (Spanish for “A little bit of everything”) with Franca, Maria, Tracey, Nadia and myself. There were 27 link ups last week.  You treated us to such lovely pictures of the great outdoors. Our featured photos from last week are as...

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#Pledge To Be Real – Our Daughters

From the time we first meet our daughters and hold them in our arms, we love them.  From the tops of their heads to their tiny little toes,  we love every single inch of them. To us they are perfect. We love them and we want others to love them too. And most...

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Hallway Makeover

Hola! We are alive and well after the loft conversion.  You may have been wondering where we are - that thought has crossed our minds too! There was I thinking we'd have it all decked out in a week.  Reality check!  These things take a while. So thought...

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Where is Your Reader Lurking?

So, I have talked through the 'how to' of blogging over the last few months and you are probably starting to produce some great posts for your business. They are sitting proudly on your website but, shock horror - no one has read them? You are not alone here.  Do not...

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