These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I want to share a few of my favourite things and areas in the home here with you today. There is a reason for doing so and that’s because when the house is in turmoil and there is building dust everywhere, you have got to focus on the positive – right? And...

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Time For Some Autumn Fashion

As crazy as it seems, the autumn fashion has been making it’s way into the stores for a while now. Have you seen it?  What do you think? It’s hard to imagine ever wearing anything other than summer gear at the moment, but don’t forget how easily we...

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A Business Blog Example

In my recent post, Writing Prompts for a business blog, I shared some ideas for blog posts.  I also said that I would share with you a business blog example this time. I have chatted to a few people that have found that content can sometimes be a little hard to come...

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Loft Conversion Series Part 3 – Taking Shape

I wrote recently in the Loft Conversion Series Part 2 about how things were starting to take shape in the loft. Well things are really, really moving now and I almost can’t blog fast enough. Here we are complete and ready for plastering. And ta da ……...

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Tipping – It’s Not About The Money

Tipping.  Gratuities.  What are your thoughts? This one has come up for us recently in a slightly different sense. As in tipping people for services that may not historically lend themselves to ‘tipping’. Of course, tipping goes back many years. ...

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Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I have just got to share this little gem of a face mask with you – The Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. Initially I picked one of these up as a great face mask for some post summer rehydration but given the current temperature, this little...

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Loft Conversion Series – Part 2 – Second Fix

In my recent post in the Loft Conversion series Part 1, I talked of our visit to the roof to examine things after the ‘first-fix’. Not too much to see at that stage – mainly beams. That was just over a week ago. And what a difference a week makes in...

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And So To Bed ……….. Well Mattress Actually

As the title suggests, the time has come to fast forward to the new bedroom.  More specifically the bed.  And even more specifically the mattress. And this my friends could be where I disappoint you. I know, I know – we belie our approach to the middle years but...

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Top Gadget of the Summer

With the fast pace of innovation and technology, what a treat it is to find a gadget that can potentially change your life, make your day or half your effort. Imagine that little gadget cooking hot, sizzling sausages on a sunny beach tended by a topless Iron Man and...

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Up On The Roof (Loft Conversion Series) Part 1

Up on the Roof! The loft conversion is now well underway.  And today was the day we got to scale up the side of the house on the scaffolding to take a look at what was once just a roof. Look no harness! Not bad for a girly who is scared of heights. Of course it was a...

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