Not Just The 3 Of Us is a Lifestyle Blog.

It is the place where I talk about the things that I am passionate about and where you will find my very honest thoughts and accounts on anything that may have caught my interest.

You will hear me talk about my family – Mark (Iron Man) and Lily (aka The Kid) and our parenting journey as we approach the tween and teen years.

Life is busy but we really make the most of our time together with our family holidays, days out and activities.  We are always game when it comes to a new experience.

I have a keen interest in the home and interior design and have enjoyed writing about our recent Loft Conversion through a series of posts around the build and the subsequent design of this new space.

Personal development and lifelong learning are also a passion.  I will often talk about those who have inspired me for simply being wonderful and I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years by exploring the opportunities and choices available to us.

I also enjoy collaborating with brands and others to bring new content to my site that will appeal to my audience.  I love nothing more than to rave about great products and great service and to share my thoughts with others.

There are three of us but generally there is always something or someone else thrown into the mix – hence the title – Not Just The Three Of Us!

Most importantly, it’s my opportunity to do what I love most (write) about the people and things that are important to me.   Without those things, there would be just the three of us and that wouldn’t be real life.


Not Just The Three of Us




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