I am now four months into blogging and loving it.

I consider myself still to be an apprentice blogger as I am continually learning and there is still so much to learn.



I wonder if I could call on the more experienced fellow blogging community for  some help with a few things that keep coming up for me.  There are always lots of useful blogging tips and posts out there but I have a couple of more specific questions that I could do with help on.  In some instances it may be that I am just making hard work for myself – hence needing a lesson from the wise!!  I appreciate that some of these questions are probably really basic to some of the more seasoned bloggers but as they say ‘the devil is in the detail’.




I am loving the linkys!

  • I have seen some recent posts that have said they use a template for linkys and have the badges to hand ready to link.  I was under the impression that each linky used a different code each week to denote the date or something – am I wrong on this and is it the same badge code used every week?  If that is the case then I see myself saving lots of time fiddling around.
  • How do people decide which blogs to comment on in the linkys.  I tend to try and comment on different blogs each time as it is a way of getting to know other bloggers.  I also go for the headline that stands out to me or the photograph.  I like to be able to add value with a comment that shows I’ve read it and that the content has resonated with me.  There are times where I’ve not had anything to say other than platitudes and if that is the case I will just move on because I don’t see any value in commenting for the sake of it for neither is it much use to the author.  I tend to comment on more than the required amount because I enjoy reading other peoples work.  Do others have a rule of thumb that they follow when linking up regularly?
  • How should one feel if they get no comments from a particular linky other than the host and the one that has to comment in line with the rules?  I tend to think that a) it could be where in the line up the post falls, b) that there were lots linking up and some are bound to get over looked c) some may only comment on bloggers they are familiar with or d) shock blogger horror – the post was so dire that words failed.   Any thoughts on this one?
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Doing it Wrong?


A couple of questions on this and, again, I suspect I may be doing something wrong

  • Sometimes comments aren’t approved.  I don’t know if this is that they haven’t worked (although they do show awaiting moderation) or if there have been too many comments on a particular post.
  • Now this one is really baffling me.  When I comment, is there a simple way of seeing when the blogger has responded.  I know you can tick the box to be notified of further comments on a particular blog but not all blogs have this.  It also means that you get lots of emails, especially where it’s been a popular post.  I have tended to make a list of where I comment and then go back out of courtesy to see what the writer has responded.  This is seriously time consuming as I do more and more commenting.  I suspect there are probably a few giggles out there on this one but I dread to think that a writer may have responded and I’ve ignored it.    So much advice needed on this one!!!


In order to get cracking with the blog I went with a hosted rather than self hosted site with WordPress.  What are the advantages of being self-hosted and which sites do others use.  Are they all WordPress and Blogger or is it possible to set up a standard site that offers a blogging option?

I am seriously appreciative for any advice that comes my way.   Hopefully this apprentice may be able to offer some wise words of advice in return sometime soon too.

Thumbs Up


I have also found these lovely posts really helpful recently and wanted to do a shout out as thanks and share in case they are useful to others.

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Check them out.

Also, some great points from Run Jump Scrap on Linky Pressure.

Thank you all!  Nicky

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