What Is This ‘Perfick’ Of Which We Speak?

  So what is this perfect life of which we speak? My perfect, your perfect, how do we define 'perfick'? I am really interested to understand peoples thoughts around this. When I hear comments about other peoples pictures and a 'perceived' perfection, I have to...

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Has Mary Berry Lost Her Cherry?

Mary, Mary, how contrary!  What were you thinking of? Of course, it's highly likely that Mary Berry's recent comment may have been blown out of all proportion as is often the way with these things. But, even so - really Mary? There must have been some sniff of a truth...

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The Woman With No Words

Today there are no words. Today I have no words.   And on my first morning back on duty, I am having to interrupt normal blog services. Because a nationwide hunt is underway as I discover that my Lightbox letters have disappeared. In a cruel twist of fate on Day...

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Jingle Bells, Christmas Smells …………………..

So here we are - December is upon us folks and as Christmas is all about getting together, I've joined with some of my favourite bloggers to share some Christmas cheer and inspiration. This group of wonderful bloggers are sharing some fabulous Christmas ideas.  There...

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When I’m 49!

When I’m 49! Well now I am!   And this post has sprung to mind for several reasons. Number One - I turned 49 last week.  Facebook said so. Number Two - Someone asked if I would be writing lots of blog posts about being 49.  The answer is no - just this one.  I’m...

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The Friendship Agenda

A Friendship Agenda? I was at the Stylist Live event recently and had the good fortune to listen to Caitlin Moran in conversation with Sali Hughes talking about the meaning of friendships. And I have to admit that at one point, I had to suppress a big snort and stop...

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Tipping – It’s Not About The Money

Tipping.  Gratuities.  What are your thoughts? This one has come up for us recently in a slightly different sense. As in tipping people for services that may not historically lend themselves to 'tipping'. Of course, tipping goes back many years.  Historically a tip...

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September : A Full & Empty Nest

There have been a lot of things written recently about the empty nest syndrome.  Some agree, some disagree.  You may have read them. I make no bones about being happy and sad when September comes. This time last year I was stuck in hospital for the first time in my...

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Beach Etiquette 

You will have noticed that it is within the nature of humans to flock together. This is never more evident than on a beach. Find yourself a lovely spot on an empty beach and as sure as eggs are eggs, someone will sit next to you. Right next to you. Not just right next...

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Puberty, Plaits and Peri-Menopause

If you happen to have had a daughter in your late 30s, the chances are pretty high that as she starts puberty, you may be starting the 'peri' menopause. This is scientifically probable. It is also further confirmed by The Drama Tween. Apparently, I will have my...

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