Time for A Nordic Inspired Afternoon Tea

I was very lucky to be invited to experience a Nordic Afternoon Tea last week at the new Aster restaurant in Victoria. I was invited to 'come, be fed and be entertained in honour of International Women’s Day', where there would be a panel of female Head Chefs talking...

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Our Top 10 of The First 10 Years

With another half term approaching  and one of the last few for us in primary school, I've been reflecting back on some of our top days out and holidays up to the tender age of 10. When I look back, we have done some fabulous things.  We do love a trip in this...

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Backyard Cinema

As you know, we are always on the look out for new activities now that The Kid is a bit older and we do love a bit of a Christmas jaunt.  I think we've pretty much had every activity covered over the last 10 years and this has been the year we have been on the lookout...

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Snowdogs by the Sea Trail 2016 (Brighton)

The Snowdogs by the Sea Trail in Brighton is not to be missed. There are 45 of these delightful Snowdogs in the streets of Brighton which have been designed by various artists and sponsored by local businesses and organisations in aid of The Martlets Hospice. Living...

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Death by Choccywoccydoodah – Halloween Delights

We visited Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton for the first time last week. I don't know what can I say about this place that will do it justice.  I'm going to have a good try though. This wonderful place made it in to our Top Ten Brighton Picks and you will see why! The...

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Our Top 10 Brighton Picks

Where has Brighton been all of our lives? It has clearly escaped our notice other than one brief visit many moons ago. Yet it is of course one of the trendiest cities in the UK. So when looking for the perfect getaway for parents and a 10 year old daughter, Brighton...

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Top Gadget of the Summer

With the fast pace of innovation and technology, what a treat it is to find a gadget that can potentially change your life, make your day or half your effort. Imagine that little gadget cooking hot, sizzling sausages on a sunny beach tended by a topless Iron Man and...

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South East Cornwall : A Local View

Our visit to Cornwall this year was very much timed around the Crafthole Flower Show, Iron Man's birthday celebration with family and his "Class of 82" Torpoint School reunion. You may remember in a post shared last year, how Iron Man won 3rd Prize in the Flower Show...

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Beach Etiquette 

You will have noticed that it is within the nature of humans to flock together. This is never more evident than on a beach. Find yourself a lovely spot on an empty beach and as sure as eggs are eggs, someone will sit next to you. Right next to you. Not just right next...

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Fairlop High Ropes & Climbing Wall

This summer has brought some changes with it in the form of keeping a 10 year old amused as I have watched my daughters tastes and requirements change. Many of the things we would have done in previous holidays - all of the old favourites that we have done year on...

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