Our Top 7 Highlights of South East Cornwall : A Local Review

Our visit to Cornwall this year was very much timed around the Crafthole Flower Show, Iron Man's birthday celebration with family and his "Class of 82" Torpoint School reunion. You may remember in a post shared last year, how Iron Man won 3rd Prize in the Flower Show...

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Beach Etiquette 

This is actually a post from last year, but it becomes very relevant during the summer months when we flock to the beach in our droves.  Looking for peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle that led up to our holidays. You will have noticed that it is within...

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Fairlop High Ropes & Climbing Wall

This summer has brought some changes with it in the form of keeping a 10 year old amused as I have watched my daughters tastes and requirements change. Many of the things we would have done in previous holidays - all of the old favourites that we have done year on...

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The BFG Dream Jar Trail

If you love a trail and you love Roald Dahl's BFG, then the BFG Dream Jar Trail in London is an absolute must. As a family, we have done several of the London trails but this one has to be the best and dreamiest one of all. This trail which celebrates Roald Dahl's...

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The Last Car Boot Sale

Car Boot Sales! I have promised Iron Man that this really is the last one.  It's going to have to be as no loft means no hoarding. This one has had to be hardcore though. Alarm set for 3.45, leave by 4.30.  Never before have we been so committed.  The Kid had a...

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Who’s Doll Is It Anyway?

Our first foray into the American Girl Place in New York with The Kid was a bit of an eye opener and I have to confess that we did have a bit of a giggle at the craziness of it all. Parents (mainly dads) carrying multiple red bags, sitting in the waiting room of the...

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It’s Up To You in New York!

There really is nothing quite like arriving in Manhattan for the first time.  It really is JUST like you see it on TV!  I was so excited for Iron Man and the The Kid as it was their first visit and I wanted them to experience it as I had (almost 20 years ago). This...

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There Is No Such Thing As a Free Lunch

But there is such a thing as a free cup of coffee! Who knew!   I certainly didn't. Having a had a bit of a bad coffee experience on my way to the tube which involved a bit of a machine explosion and delivery of a rank drink, I needed to top up my caffeine levels....

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Living The Dream

Me : "I'm going to do a dark wash" Iron Man : "Ooh I may have something to add to that" I suspect he is coming on to me as I know he is referring to underwear. Don't think I can't spot an advance when I see one. It feels like a little celebration.  A joint coming...

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Keeping Calm and Going Camping

The Kid and I were very made-up and flattered to be invited to go camping with some friends over Easter. However, being a bit of a wuss by nature and given my love of all things homely - like my own bathroom and loo for example, I have to admit to rising panic at this...

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