Let There Be Tights – Divine Legs Subscription Box

  Let there be tights! The more the merrier I say.  As our little legs negotiate these harsh winter months, tights are a key item to our outfits on chilly days like today.     You all know how passionate I am about small business. And how I love to rave...

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Blue Monday – Done But Not Out

I wanted to talk about Blue Monday today. Primarily because it is Blue Monday.  But also to try to understand just what it is about this poor old Monday that gives it such a reputation. It may also have been a bit of a Smelly Saturday and Stinky Sunday for many...

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Let There Be Lights!

You will remember in previous posts how I talked of having a very high ceiling area in the new loft hallway area.  And my comment on pendant lighting opportunities for this area.  The choice of lights for this area was something we were really excited about.  ...

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Parenting Our Way Through Independence

A big theme of this year for us is independence.  And parenting our way through it.     Having given almost 11 years to the parenting service, we will now be stepping into the next zone.  The next ten years.  The time of which we are warned.  And as if the...

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An Old Fashioned Dressing Table for a New Modern Space

You may have wondered whatever became of the loft conversion. Admittedly, there have been no after pictures.   Yet! These things take time.  There was I thinking that it would be done and dusted in a week when actually that couldn't be further from the truth. Of...

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Let’s Be Having You 2017!

All is now well with the world. The Lightbox letters have been replaced and the original set found so we are all set to go for 2017.  We have all the letters we could possibly need! And having weighed myself down with 200 New Year's Resolutions every year and signing...

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The Woman With No Words

Today there are no words. Today I have no words.   And on my first morning back on duty, I am having to interrupt normal blog services. Because a nationwide hunt is underway as I discover that my Lightbox letters have disappeared. In a cruel twist of fate on Day...

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‘Tw’elf on the Shelf

A 'Tw'elf on the Shelf? On our shelf?   Well I can certainly say there is much excitement in the household. I have watched with wonder and excitement over the last few years as I see these Elves arriving in peoples houses during December.  I have to say...

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Backyard Cinema

As you know, we are always on the look out for new activities now that The Kid is a bit older and we do love a bit of a Christmas jaunt.  I think we've pretty much had every activity covered over the last 10 years and this has been the year we have been on the lookout...

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#UnPocoDeTodoUK – Featured Photos 18 December 2016

Welcome to this week’s #UnPocoDeToDoUK (Spanish for “A little bit of everything”) with Franca, Maria, Tracey, Nadia and myself. This week the theme is 'Food' and it will be the last link up for this year.  Franca is hosting and you can find the link below....

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