Hello and welcome to Not Just the 3 of Us.  My name is Nicky and I am married with a 12 year old daughter.  More importantly though, I am ‘me’.  Right now, that ‘me’ happens to be a woman who has just arrived at the wonderful age of 50 – a little surprised but certainly not disappointed.  I know that those on a similar journey will certainly support me in saying that it’s a great place to be.  This apparently is Midlife!  Although age is not something that can be easily defined now, is it?



So I am flying the flag for the many of us that see ‘Midlife’ as an exciting time and a new beginning.  For those of us that no longer feel the need to define ourselves by how ‘busy’ we are or worse, how busy we should be.  No judgement, we get to choose.  Whatever we do, we will do so because we want to.  And from where I sit, I see many beautiful people ready and committed to starting their next chapter.  Age has never been so irrelevant.

I certainly feel privileged to be here and I intend to explore every opportunity that comes my way.  There will be obstacles and there will be difficult times.  That is the way life rolls.  But for many of us ‘Midlife’ and the ‘so called’ middle years are the opportunity to get on out there and do our thing too.



We may have spent many years caring for our young families, adapting our lives to make the most of theirs and in some respects these can be bitter sweet years.  The poignancy of what has passed will be replaced with the promise of new beginnings and the gaps in the middle are pit stops for reflecting and refuelling.  These are often the hardest bits.  They don’t discriminate against age.  They just are.

But, I’m raring to go, are you with me?

Here’s a little of what you can expect.



Making the most of it.  The joys and the challenges (and the failures).  You will come to realise that I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years.  Often that may be through reflective humour and honesty – because sometimes that is the only way!  But this is all about being your best self and making every minute count and if I find something that has helped me, this is where I will share it.






Top of the list is making the best of things.  As a family we have a passion for discovering new places or putting a twist on the ordinary day out.  Our way.  I will share in the ‘Experiences’ section anything that has taken our fancy so that you can give it a whirl too.




There are three of us but you won’t see too much in the way of parenting now, just in a general way.  The teen years are knocking on the door and privacy is paramount here.


Home & Design




A passion and a labour of love.  You will find me sharing tips and projects around Home & Design, warts and all.  I am always aspiring to make our surroundings easy on the eye, even if it doesn’t quite work the first time around!  It is after all, where we spend most of our time – may as well enjoy it, I say!



Supporting Others


I also support other small business owners with their own content strategy and creation.  You can find more information on this on my Business Support Page.




Collaborations and Reviews


I will from time to time collaborate with others where by doing so I can bring useful content to my readers.  You can be assured that any product or service will have gone through my usual rigorous testing and expectations.  You can find out more about this on my Work with Me page.







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