Embracing Technology Like a ‘Pro’ in Midlife

One of my goals this year is to embrace the things that I feel can sometimes hold me back from doing what I want, need and love to do. We don't always shout about some of these things - often because we think we are the only ones that are struggling. We never are -...

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Being a Bit More 1970s in 2019

There is nothing like the Christmas and New Year period for bringing out a little nostalgia in us, is there?  Time spent with family and old friends often turns to reminiscing about shared bygone days, things that we had and did and the people with whom we shared...

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A Little Bit of Aloe in my Life – Aloe Vera 30 Day Trial

So here I am having been invited to take part in a 30 Day Aloe Vera Gel trial.  I should say at this point that I'm actually no stranger to the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.  I don't think any of us are.  In order to participate I was provided with enough Aloe...

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Solo Dates – My Top 10 Favourites

I'm a big fan of the Solo Date. Alongside the couple date, the girly lunch and the family adventures sits the 'Solo Date' at the top of my list of things to do.  Now before you grab your tissues and hit me up on speed dial, hold fire.  This is not about being lonely. ...

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My First NHS Mammogram

At the age of 50 you will be invited for your first NHS Breast Cancer Screening in the UK.  My appointment dropped through the letterbox within days of turning 50.  Very impressive.  Having now had the NHS Mammogram, I thought it may be useful to shed a little light...

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Joining the Exclusive 50 Club

I am delighted to announce that I am now a proud member of the Exclusive 50 Club.  As I mentioned in my previous post (Platform 50) this is a well attended club and I am in very good company.  It seems that everyone is 50, even if they are not 50.  Random is always...

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Engagement – It’s A Two Way Thing

So 'engagement' is the word we keep hearing about alongside how we are promoting our blog or business online. This is all very well but what exactly do we mean by 'engagement'?  And is it just an 'online' thing? The Act of Engaging or Being Engaged. We are only...

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Are you Wearing Your Bra Too Small?

Bra sizing and is your bra too small? This week I have invited Sharon Eden to do a Guest Post here for me. As well as being a very successful Psychotherapist, Sharon has a wonderful way with words and is incredibly funny with her writing.  She has a way of getting...

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Kinesiology – What Exactly Is It?

Kinesiology.  Now here's a thing.  We've all heard of it. But what exactly is it? Kinesiology is one of the alternative therapies that I've never really understood. And when we aren't quite sure about these things, we can tend to dismiss them or take no further...

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September – You Smell!!

September - you smell!  And you make us cry!   OK that's unblocked a few channels and blockages and caused my Chakras to positively sparkle. It's always good to embrace your voice and inner strength and tell it like it is isn't it! So empowering! To stand up to...

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