Just when I thought I had my favourites sorted, those clever souls at Benefit Cosmetics go and bring out an eyebrow range.

Benefit Brow Collection

I read about the Benefit Brow Collection recently and just had to go and have a look for myself.

I have to say, I’ve never really had to do too much with my brows thus far but I’ve been noticing a few cheeky greys ones appearing and I’ve also been on the lookout for a brow fixer.

Benefit have covered every angle in this new range.  Take a look at all of these lovely products.

Benefit Brow Collection

I so love the packaging.  It makes me feel glam just by looking at it.

If I can’t find something suitable in this range, I’d have to be very unlucky.

After a consultation with the Benefit therapist, I was shown this little beauty – Gimme Brow.

Benefit Gimme Brow

Gimme Brow is a brush on brow tint and volumizing gel all in one.  It is applied with a mascara like brush and voila – grey hairs gone, eyebrows looking more defined and held in place.  All with the touch of a wand.  Now that is pretty magical in my book.

I decided to continue my day without making a purchase just to see how my eyebrows fared.  I have to say they lasted perfectly and I made my purchase.  As always, the products are reasonably price and the Gimme Brow was £18.50.  Good value in my eyes for a two in one purchase that ticked all of the boxes.

Benefit Gimme Brow

The colour most suited to my very dark brows was No 3 and it works a treat.

Gimme Brow is waterproof and long-lasting and it certainly hasn’t let me down on either of these fronts.

It joins the rest of my Benefit must-haves in my very Benefit heavy make-up bag.

My all time favourite is the Benefit Porefessional.  This is one product that I cannot live without.  I have never been a foundation wearer.  Can’t stand the stuff.  I also don’t like any colour in my base.  I have tried everything over the years, tinted moisturisers, primers etc and I just don’t like the feel of them and how they look.

Porefessional is actually a product that is designed to minimise the appearance of pores and fine line but it does so much more than this.  It’s a beautiful lightweight silky primer that is translucent.  For me it provides the perfect base.

Benefit Porefessional

Next up is Hoola.
Oh how we love thee Hoola.
Don’t ever stop being made.  Hoola provides the much needed tint to a translucent base.  This lovely bronzer is applied to the face giving that well needed healthy look that us ladies often need a hand with here in the UK.
Benefit Hoola
 As you can see I have had mine for a while.  It is well needed but it also lasts for ages.  This one shall be on my Birthday list this year.
Benefit Hoola

The Benefit brushes never moult either which is fabulous.  Nothing worse than spending the morning picking hairs off of your chin is there?  Or worse still, someone else doing it!

And last but not least, Big Beautiful Eyes Eyes.  My favourite part of this set is the Eyeliner Powder.  In fact, I wish this came individually.  Ahem, Ahem ……did you hear that Benefit?

For anyone that struggles with a pencil, this is for you.  It is for the non-precision eyeliner appliers of the world.  It is forgiving.  And it has a lovely soft brush for perfect application, above and below the eye.  This is the perfect set for my eyes.  So perfect there is none left!  Not a problem over the summer as I am experimenting with brighter colours.

Big Beautiful Eyes

Just look at that Eyeliner Powder!!

And just look at the delicious brush!

I’m not sure about you but eyeliner pencil always looks great when you are applying it and as soon as you open the eye, it mysteriously seems to be half way up the lid.  Anyone else have that problem?

Not so with the Eyeliner Powder.

As you can see, these products are so used.  They are my troopers.  My Desert Island faves.  They may not look particularly attractive in their half-empty state but it is a sign of their work horse nature.

And that is my love of Benefit.

What are your faves?


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