Kinesiology – What Exactly Is It?

Kinesiology.  Now here's a thing.  We've all heard of it. But what exactly is it? Kinesiology is one of the alternative therapies that I've never really understood. And when we aren't quite sure about these things, we can tend to dismiss them or take no further...

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September – You Smell!!

September - you smell!  And you make us cry!   OK that's unblocked a few channels and blockages and caused my Chakras to positively sparkle. It's always good to embrace your voice and inner strength and tell it like it is isn't it! So empowering! To stand up to...

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Bloggers Get Stuck for Ideas Too!

Part of keeping a blog going is - well - keeping it going. As a blogger, when you are putting out a lot of content, over a long period of time, you do actually get moments, where you hit a bit of a wall - and are lost for words. I think those in the trade would call...

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7 Reasons To Have A Social Media Break

I made the decision this year that as soon as our holiday started, I was going to take a Social Media break.  In fact a break from all things online -Social Media, the iPhone and everything that requires or more to the point - encourages a 'check-in'. The best way to...

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Why Does the Full Moon Play Havoc with My Sleep?

I'm not sure if it's my imagination but we seem to be having a lot of Full Moons this year? The reason I have become so aware of this is because it plays havoc with my sleep. I cannot sleep and I cannot get to sleep. Anyone else? I dread hearing that there is going to...

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The Next Decade of Parenting

I am skidding in to say we are on the journey of 'The Next Decade of Parenting'.     One always hopes to arrive at these life stages in style.  Hair intact and yelling 'we've got this'. But that rarely happens. And we skid in on our knees, not quite ready. I...

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What Is This ‘Perfick’ Of Which We Speak?

  So what is this perfect life of which we speak? My perfect, your perfect, how do we define 'perfick'? I am really interested to understand peoples thoughts around this. When I hear comments about other peoples pictures and a 'perceived' perfection, I have to...

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100 Nights with Leesa (You Had Us At Hello)

It is somewhat telling that Leesa has been with us for over 100 nights now.  I say this as the 100th night passed by without us realising! You can see my post here about Leesa's arrival Sleeping Tight with the Leesa Mattress. 100 nights is also the period of time for...

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Meditation Without The Sandals

So here's a thing. Meditation. Now don't disappear thinking I've gone all 'hippy' on you - stick with it. The closest I have ever got to being a hippy is having a Buddha in the spare room and that was more style over substance.  A bit of a fashion statement (oh the...

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Don’t Hold Your Ujjayi Breath!

One of the things I've never talked about here on the blog is my big passion for Yoga. I cannot think why but I am now going to put that straight and address this area of my life in greater detail. When I was younger, I regarded Yoga as being the preserve of hippies....

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Welcome to Not Just The 3 Of Us, the Midlife Lifestyle Blog for those of us that want to make every minute of this new chapter count. I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years and this is where I do it. You will find my midlife ramblings and adventures here and I also invite you to share in my love of the home and interiors too.

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