Vout-O-Reenee’s : A Look Around

It is no secret here on this Blog that as a family, we love an experience and the chance to check out new places. And if it happens to be that I get to experience something as part of my Blogging business, then that also gets a big thumbs up and off I jolly well go -...

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Engagement – It’s A Two Way Thing

So 'engagement' is the word we keep hearing about alongside how we are promoting our blog or business online. This is all very well but what exactly do we mean by 'engagement'?  And is it just an 'online' thing? The Act of Engaging or Being Engaged. We are only ever...

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Bloggers Get Stuck for Ideas Too!

Part of keeping a blog going is - well - keeping it going. As a blogger, when you are putting out a lot of content, over a long period of time, you do actually get moments, where you hit a bit of a wall - and are lost for words. I think those in the trade would call...

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Imposter Syndrome When Writing a Business Blog Post

As a small businesses owner, you will no doubt be familiar with the term 'Imposter Sydrome'. In fact, you don't have to be a small business owner, to have had the pleasure.      But fortune favours the brave. And it is this we must remember. We will all have had those...

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Blogging for Business : A Tendency To Ramble? 

When writing your business blog, do you find that you have a tendency towards verbosity?  Not knowing when to stop? A feeling that the more you can say, the better the post will be? Brilliant!  Because if you do - that post is probably too long and can be turned into...

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Don’t Let Algorithms Spoil a Good Marriage

Once upon a time, there was a normal little family of 3 living happily doing their thing.  The mother of the family really enjoyed seeing the posts of her family and friends on Social Media and they enjoyed seeing hers.     After years of resistance, the husband also...

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Gathering Content for Your Business Blog

In the midst of finally getting our home office up and running, I've had the opportunity to go through all of my blogging practices and it occurred to me that there is probably merit in sharing some of these.  Particularly, in terms of how I go about pulling blog...

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The Other Side of My Lifestyle Blog

It has occurred to me that I haven't talked about the other side of the Not Just The 3 of Us blog.  The business support side. As well as being my personal Lifestyle Blog, I also have a business blogging side where I am able to offer my support to others wishing to...

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Where is Your Reader Lurking?

So, I have talked through the 'how to' of blogging over the last few months and you are probably starting to produce some great posts for your business. They are sitting proudly on your website but, shock horror - no one has read them? You are not alone here.  Do not...

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Welcome to Not Just The 3 Of Us, the Lifestyle Blog for those of us that want to make every minute count. This blog is all about Midlife. The joys and the challenges. I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years and this is where I do it.

You will find me talking about Midlife, Family, Experiences and Home & Design here in the Lifestyle section. If you are a Business Owner, there is a separate section dedicated to Business Support.

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