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As a creative writer, I am able to provide the ideas and copy for those who are looking to incorporate blogging into their business.  I have helped many small businesses who have chosen to take advantage of my business blogging support to reach their customers.



Do You Need Business Blogging Support?


As business owners and professionals, we spend much of our time being the expert, the creative and the problem solver.

I know this to be true as not only have I had many years’ experience of working in a corporate global environment but I have also been a small business owner myself.

I am passionate about enterprise and entrepreneurship.  I have experience of supporting start-up businesses and I regularly spend time with small business owners both from an advisory and collaborative perspective.

As the business owner, there is often no time to consider anything other than our deadlines.

At a time when more and more businesses are using blogging and Social Media as a tool to reach and engage with their customers, there are just not enough hours in our day.

This is particularly true when we are working alone.  There is often no time to give to developing our business and reaching new customers.

If you are looking to take the plunge into the world of blogging but do not have the time to write your own copy or if you would simply like to understand more about how a blog can help your business, please contact me for more details.

I am also able to support those looking for help with website content, information papers and group training.

I have worked with clients ranging from Solicitors to Authors to assist with their content creation, strategy and placement.  You may wish to read some of my recent testimonials here.

Let’s spread the word about your business!

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