Part of keeping a blog going is – well – keeping it going.

As a blogger, when you are putting out a lot of content, over a long period of time, you do actually get moments, where you hit a bit of a wall – and are lost for words. I think those in the trade would call it ‘writers block’.  Bloggers get stuck for ideas too!



It’s a bit like when you run out of conversation, I suppose. If ever that were to be a problem for me! But you get the gist.

This is something I help others with, other businesses. Helping them to create their content for their businesses and business blogs.  Or writing on their behalf.  Getting started and putting things out there for the first time often require a bit of a helping hand of support.  I had one and I know how much this can help when doing something new for the first time.  In fact, a hand of support when doing anything for the first time is always hugely empowering.

I’m very good at coming up with ideas for posts, titles and content for others. It’s always easier – from the outside looking in. A passion, in fact. Seeing and understanding the nitty gritty of someone else’s business and the wonderful opportunities and ideas that would make for delicious content. I could just go on forever and ever.

I spend lots of time with other small business owners and I find what others do incredibly fascinating.

With my own blog, my mind will generally spurt out post ideas faster than I can keep up with them.  Just not at the moment!

And this happens to everyone that is doing ‘their own thing’.

But a blogger that can’t blog? Yep it happens.

And yep – bloggers get stuck for ideas too!  I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last.

Anyway, I digress.

Ideas. And where do they come from?

Where I am going with this is that I do believe as small business owners, bloggers (or indeed anyone doing something by themselves), sometimes our ideas for our businesses do occasionally hit a bit of a wall. Dry up, or don’t seem right.

It’s often a sign that we are about to do something new and different. Change things up a bit. But it can leave us feeling a little uncertain of our next steps. It makes us question our purpose and whether we are on the right track. Are we doing the right thing? Have we come to the end of the line?

Or it may be that something isn’t sitting well with a particular area within our business.  We’ve made a choice that is ‘jarring’ and a small tweak is needed.  It is quite often the small things that are the most troublesome.  Take kids for example!!! I jest of course but what is it they say about sweating the small stuff!! It also comes down to being authentic and making sure that what you are doing reflects your own core values.

The great thing about this is that we know others have and do experience the same thing. It is also useful to know that these moments of ‘block’, do pass. Although it never seems that way when you are in the middle of it.

The worst thing we can do – albeit the first thing that we will most definitely do, is worry about it.

These are periods of transition and it is only once we are through them, that we realise that they are actually hugely beneficial. Imagine that enjoying the bad times!! But experience shows time and time again that this is the case.

What follows is a huge ‘lightbulb’ moment and a big dose of inspiration.  That’s when it’s time to party!

So what better way for me, to fess up to having a bit of a blog ‘block’ than on the blog itself.

Why hide these things away when they may actually help someone else that is experiencing the same thing.  I generally find that trying to force things is a waste of time, it’s a process that has to be endured.

Quite simply, you have to weather the storm!

I could, of course, put myself on one of my own blog training courses – why wouldn’t you? It wouldn’t cost me anything after all!! And they are very helpful! I’ve had some lovely compliments and testimonials for which I am very grateful.

But I’m going with the flow for now, it’s a bit daunting but it’s all part of moving forward. It’s something I know passes.

So, no words of a wisdom or my magic wand solution after the event. Just a warts and all of this moment in time.

If it helps just one person say ‘yay’ that’s made me feel normal then it was worth the little share.

It too shall pass!






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