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When writing your business blog, do you find that you have a tendency towards verbosity?  Not knowing when to stop? A feeling that the more you can say, the better the post will be?

Brilliant!  Because if you do – that post is probably too long and can be turned into about 4 fabulous posts. Just like that!  Magic!

Great news?

Here’s why!


With the arrival of information overload, our eyes and our minds are very much trained to skim read.   Busy lives have, of course, made this very necessary.  And we tend to seek the crux of an article or post very quickly.  We want to know whether it is worth us reading on.  Whether it is for us.

As a business when sharing our content, we need to help our reader to get to that ‘crux’.  That point of interest.  To help them understand the purpose of our article.  Perhaps we are trying to interest them in a product or a service.  There is no point leading them up the garden path if we are.



Equally, it may be an informative post which requires a little more detail.  Nothing wrong with that but stay on point.

The last thing we want from our reader is for them to click straight out of our posts.  And it does happen as we well know.  Because we click out too if we aren’t sure where an article is going.  We want the information and we want it quickly so that we can take action.

Less is most definitely more here.

You will have spent a long time crafting your blog post alongside running your business single-handedly and you really don’t want the purpose of your post to be lost.  That would just be a waste of your valuable time.


Blogging for Business



So, its worth casting your eye over your draft for this very reason.

Be clear about what you want your reader to take away from your post. Is there a call to action?  Do they need to take action? Make it easy for them.

Make sure the skim readers can see the salient points easily.  Don’t make them have to work for it.


Less is More!


I often spend time trawling from my blog posts for this very reason and I know it can be very hard to know where to begin (and end) if you are not used to blogging.  Equally, we may be so passionate about our ideas and offerings that we forget to stop.  Take it from me, I’ve been there!

Although my blog posts aren’t generally selling a product or service, if I think I can split them down to create several posts, that’s a great deposit for the blog bank and a great time saver.

Don’t waste your content for fear of not getting it all into the one post.   Pop it back into your drafts and you have more material to work with next time.

You may also find that there is a common thread running through your post which you can expand and turn your words into a series of say, four shorter posts.  You can link back to the previous posts so that readers can follow the series.

I did this with a series of posts about my loft conversion last year.   There was far too much information to go into one post and I broke the content down over several posts.  You will see how I have linked each post by clicking here.  It also meant that readers could flick between posts to find the information that they wanted to read.  To date, this series has collectively been my most viewed content.

The posts covered the before ………




And the after.  Right through to the final reveal.


Loft Bedroom


So in a nutshell, make your content work for you.

It’s a great sign that your ideas are flowing and it’s about making the best use of them.  If that means five minutes of weeding out something that can be used in a different post, it will ultimately give you back more time to concentrate on running your business.

Having a few blogs in hand when you are short of time is always a good position to be in.

I hope this has been helpful and, as always, do get in touch via my contact page if I can be of further assistance.









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