In the midst of finally getting our home office up and running, I’ve had the opportunity to go through all of my blogging practices and it occurred to me that there is probably merit in sharing some of these.  Particularly, in terms of how I go about pulling blog posts together for my schedule.

Reorganising my practices ready for my new space has been a bit of a paperwork exercise.  It may look like a mountain of paperwork but it’s been reduced VERY dramatically.


Organising Paperwork


As a blogger I like to get out a certain amount of posts each month – usually around twelve, which enables me to post two to three times per week to populate the different areas of my blog.  I like to know at the start of the month which posts I will be writing.

It is probably unlikely that as a business you would be looking to post this amount but I thought my tried and tested methods for gathering content would be useful to share.  You may find a few tips that will help you to pull together content for your own business blog.

In the way that I have my own goals for the month with my blog, you will have your own business goals and aims. Ideally you will be wanting to follow these with your blog content.

Now I may be about to dispel a myth here (or burst a bubble) but from experience, I know that it is rare for me to sit and write a whole post from start to finish and publish it immediately.  Rather, it will be a coming together of ideas during the course of time. Mindful of this and the fact that there is generally never a piece of paper to hand when needed, I have a sheet of paper (which I now keep on the wall in the office) where I will pop my ideas for posts.


Who Is Reading Your Blog Post?


This includes ideas that I label as ‘random’.  Random because that can often be the nature of an idea.  But all the more reason to jot it down.  Many of my ‘random’ ideas have gone on to become a piece of work at a later date so they are definitely worth noting down.  When I had these ideas, I had no idea how they would materialise (if at all) – they often seemed a bit ‘vague’ or ‘fluffy’.

Of course if your ideas are aligned to your overall business strategy, they may not be that random at all – something for the future – perhaps?

The very nature of ideas is that they are ……………………..


Content creation ideas


Ideas for a post title or perhaps a few lines may also spring to mind – again, it may just be an inkling of an idea.  Nevertheless, it gets noted.   There is nothing worse than having a splash of inspiration – only to forget it when you need to write.  Titles are always good for pulling a post together even if you have no idea of what will follow.  Note it down!

Once you have got a few good ideas that seem to be pointing towards a post, I’d thoroughly recommend getting them into a draft blog.  Once you have started a post, it’s easy to go back and keep popping more ideas down.  It’s also a massive time saver because you will find yourself with enough content as the draft evolves to turn the post into a blog that is ready for publication.

I often work with several drafts on the go and populate them over the course of time.  Equally, if I know what my schedule is in advance, I will at least get a post started with a possible title.

Likewise – tags, key words and photographs.  If you have an idea of what the post is going to focus on, it’s worth getting this all done ahead of the post going live.  Again, these things can be time consuming and a spare five minutes can quite easily be spent popping in your key words and uploading photographs.

It can be quite daunting to be faced with a blank screen when you are due to post.  This is particularly difficult when you are a small business with conflicting priorities – the last thing you have time for is writing a blog.  Getting started can often be the block that prevents us from writing.  Make life easier for yourself by planning ahead with your ideas.

The most important message here is that blogs posts don’t have to come together in one go.  If they do – fabulous but it’s great to have a little structure in place if they don’t.

Don’t let your ideas escape you – they are little flashes of inspiration to be built on at a later date.

I will often be heard saying ‘excuse me for a moment, I just need to write something down’.  It takes just a second, yet is so very useful.  You really can’t afford to keep a good idea down – who knows where it may lead!

As always, I hope this has been helpful and please feel free to get in touch through my contact page if I can help you to turn your ‘beautifully unpredictable’ ideas into great content for your blog.




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