It has occurred to me that I haven’t talked about the other side of the Not Just The 3 of Us blog.  The business support side.

As well as being my personal Lifestyle Blog, I also have a business blogging side where I am able to offer my support to others wishing to start a blog or to businesses needing help to use their blogs to promote themselves and reach their target market.

This is not something that I have talked about in my Lifestyle Blog but I’ve realised that the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

They certainly aren’t from a business perspective.  There are many reasons why these two worlds collide.  My blog is testament to that.


Blogging for Business


So as well as being my own personal Lifestyle brand, my blog is also evolving to become a small business in its own right.

People are interested in what I do with the blog and there is a market for the support I am able to offer.  This is fabulous for me as I get to do what I love and help others too.

As many of you know, I am very passionate about small businesses and business development having had much experience of this area.  It is probably unsurprising therefore that I am naturally finding that it is clients in this area that I have been supporting with content creation, copywriting and digital marketing.

These are people that are passionate about their business and experts in their field.  They have lots of information to share that could help others and bring them new clients.  When you are close to your business, it is not always easy to take a step back and see the best approach to take in writing and engaging an audience through your blog.  This is where I am able to provide help and guidance.

Having started the blog from scratch almost two years ago, I have travelled the journey that is blogging and have navigated my way over the humps.


Writing Prompts


I know how frustrating it can be when you have a goal hanging in front of you which you can’t reach because of something REALLY basic holding you back.  Something that you need a REALLY simple answer to.  We can access a mine of information these days but its generally the simple things – the basics – that really stump us.  Once we grasp these we are flying.

The answer is generally always in the basics.

This can be challenging when you are self-employed and a small business as you don’t always have the resources to provide help.

We may invest in training and learn wonderful things, yet come away to find we can’t put our findings into action because we have no grasp of the basics and how the course material relates to our business.

It can be particularly difficult when the help needed relates to online activity.  There is almost a sense of shame around admitting that you aren’t fully up to speed online and then all things digital become a big no go zone to be feared.



Who Is Reading Your Blog Post?


But, let me tell you, blogging and social media in their simplest forms are perfectly straight forward.  I am testament to this.  You can get as fancy as you like but once you get over the humps that are the ‘basics’, you are on the home run.

As I negotiate a year of change and having more time, I have to say I’m quite pleased to have faced the world that is blogging head on.  This blogging malarkey that is huge yet I still get blank looks and sympathetic smiles when I say that I’m a blogger.  It’s a wonderful conversation killer, yet blogging is out there doing its thing bigger and better than ever before and its a bloody brilliant marketing tool for businesses.

I am also proof that we are never too old for a fresh start.  As I approach a milestone birthday later this year, I do so with quite a bit of digital knowledge under my belt and the makings of a role that didn’t exist when I left school.  This blog actually started as a bit of a hobby and creative itch alongside my job and became a bit of an accidental role.

Believe me when you’ve been through the rigours of trying to apply for a job online in the way that one does these days and managed to track down a real person AND met them, blogging and social media is a breeze.

I should point out that this does not mean that I am a technical IT person!  Nor the one for technical set-ups.  There are experts for this.  I can refer you to them.  There are on my speed dial for my ‘basic’ needs.

Yes, I’m very savvy from a blogging and social media perspective but I have people working on my behalf for the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of IT.  Play to your strengths I say.  I don’t understand the technical side and it doesn’t float my boat.  I know what I need to get by but my business is that of content creation and strategy.

Content is king and that has never been more so than in todays digital world.

Some of the help I am able to offer is :

  • Advising on the creation of content for your blog in line with your strategic business aims
  • Taking your business blog forward once it is set up and keeping the content coming
  • Getting your blog out there
  • Providing content creation and content strategy training and to SME’s
  • Advising SME’s on Social Media and engagement
  • Providing copy for your business blog

You will see me populating my business blog post section more frequently now alongside my lifestyle posts and musings.

There is a tab on my website specifically for business.

Business Page screen grab


You may want to check this section out if you are looking to start a blog for your business.

If I can help with any of your business blogging needs, please get in touch via my contact page.  Equally, if you know of a small business that is struggling with blogging and digital media, please do share this post with them.






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