Happy Halloween.

This Halloween lark has become bigger than itself and I have to say, we love it. It’s almost like Christmas in this house. We cannot get enough of it. It’s become a big event in all of our calendars.  It gets bigger and bigger every year. The shops are just brimming with all that makes Halloween such an exciting time of year.



It is a joy to see how everyone participates in the fun and the generosity of spirit – both children and adults alike. It has become a wonderful community event in our area and everyone gets involved.

And it’s all good for those that don’t too. We can easily tell those that don’t participate and we don’t knock. It works for everyone.

It’s all about having fun. Simple family fun.

We have had some amazing Halloween parties and as our daughter enters her teen years, there is no sign of the enthusiasm waning. Outfits are planned in advance detail by detail and visiting Halloween sections in the supermarkets is always a half-term delight.

The Pumpkin has been carved and the decorations – rivalling the Christmas stash, are ready to go up.

Crowds gather on the streets and answering the door to so many callers certainly does wonders for the exercise regime.

It is a night like no other in the calendar. Homes are decked out with ghosts and ghouls and parents and children alike go all out with their themes. One never quite knows what may be in store as they approach each gate and threshold.  And that is all part of the excitement.

There is a general code of etiquette to which we all adhere and this makes it all go with a gorgeously ghoulish swing.

Let the Pumpkin Be Your Guide



Not everyone is able to participate.  As a general rule of thumb, we only knock on doors where there is evidence of a Pumpkin or Halloween decorations.  This works well for all.


Don’t be a Greedy Soul


If there is a huge bowl of sweets do not take handfuls.  We all buy so many sweets to make sure we have enough for everyone. We know we will get lots of spooky visits and we want to give to all.  It all works itself out and everyone gets a full bag at the end of the evening.  Everyone is a winner.


Be a Good Ghoul


Good manners prevail even on this ghastly evening.


Halloween is on 31 October


It’s the same date every year.  Do not knock on any door before or after this date. You will get short shrift from most people – even if it does fall on a school night.  We’d prefer it to be on the weekend too. It is every so often. It is one night and one night only. Fill your boots then.

Don’t be Scarily Late



 8.30/9.00pm is probably the latest that residents are happy to receive a visit. As well as scaring the s*** out of us, we are likely to think you are wrong ‘uns or real ghosts!!!


Trick or Treat – Give me Something Nice to Eat



Please do not give money.  There is no need.  Even if you have no sweets. This is about fun and treats. Money should never be expected nor given. Most people leave a little notice now saying ‘sorry run out of sweets’. It is a regular sight as the evening wears on.


Don’t Scare the Hell out of Residents


If you are over a certain age (I’m not sure how we define this exactly), but if I find you threatening, you are probably too old.   And if I find you threatening, an elderly person will be terrified by you.



Keep it simple and fun – that’s what this is all about and why it continues to be such a successful community event each year.

And long may it continue and your buckets full to the brim.



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