What fun I had pulling this Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea together.

Having decided she really wanted to see the Alice in Wonderland film for her birthday with friends, my daughter then conveniently spotted a very suitable cake stand in a local shop.  I said nothing as I had in mind to make the ‘tea’ part of the party a bit of a surprise.

But I am a sucker for a theme.  Just don’t get me started.  Actually – do get me started.  Because I love pulling an idea together.

We already had lots of ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ tags and straws from a previous event.

And we also had the blue and white stripe straws and stickers.

Baby milk bottles were also in our stock (again from a previous gathering).  The difference being that they contained alcoholic ‘drink me’s’ last time around!

And the serviettes were picked up to introduce a bit of a colour mix-up.

I visualised all of this on a black and white chequered table cloth which, as luck would have it, was available online – cheaply.

It set the table off beautifully.

All coming together.

The food, as you can see, was not home made – I am not the mother who bakes the cakes and grows the veg.  I am just not.  Now and then – certainly.  But not when it’s a girls party and sleepover.

And not when there is a theme to be pulled together.

There is lots of sugar but birthdays come round just once a year.

Of course we eat from our organic vegetable patch on the other 51 weeks and 6 days.

And the Queen of Hearts would be furious if there were no jam tarts.

Just look at the cake stand though.  Isn’t it just adorable.

Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

And so to the main course (which was served before the cakes in case you are wondering).

Everything was done in miniature – like mini fish and chips and hot dogs which were served in the little containers that I made (also for a previous gathering).  Don’t you just love leftovers!  I mean the container by the way – not the food!  The containers were made with a newspaper print on parchment foil.  Just the job!

Alice In Wonderland Afternoon Tea

And the little containers for the sauces which simply make it more fun.  Especially when that sauce is tomato.

I also popped a few little flower heads on the table to brighten it up ……..

Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

And it wouldn’t be complete without a few sweets ……

Alive in Wonderland Afternoon Tea

What do you think?

A happy birthday girl was delighted with the surprise.

And I just loved bringing it all together.





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