Peony Love

There are Peony posts, Peony pictures and Peony love everywhere at the moment.  It's their time to shine. And who doesn't love a Peony?!       It's that time of year when we have a brief window to surround ourselves with cut Peonies.  I use the word...

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The Perfect Picnic Basket with Wayfair

The Perfect Picnic I'm sure you can imagine my delight at being selected as one of the bloggers to work with Wayfair this year as part of their Home Experts programme. Not only does this satisfy my love of all things home and design but I also get to share...

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How to Turn a Fridge into an Office (Part 1)

In my recent post, I set the challenge of getting the box room painted within 2 weeks. This is the smallest room in the house, yet it's seen the most action and guises!  You can see how many here! This is the wooden ceiling that I referred to.     Well there...

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100 Nights with Leesa (You Had Us At Hello)

It is somewhat telling that Leesa has been with us for over 100 nights now.  I say this as the 100th night passed by without us realising! You can see my post here about Leesa's arrival Sleeping Tight with the Leesa Mattress. 100 nights is also the period of time for...

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I’m Now In The Study With A Paintbrush

I think I must have got a bit frustrated with the time it was taking to get the loft furnished.  Not being able to get the last few bits and all that. So much so that I got the bit between my teeth and turned my attention to another room. The spare room.  The box...

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Bathroom Reveal

So here is the final bathroom reveal with a reminder of where it all started.     It's not a big room so it's not possible to take a photograph of the whole room as I did here when there were no walls.   I've done my best!!     You will have seen...

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Bedroom Reveal

I thought it was high time that a proper reveal of the bedroom and bathroom were forthcoming.  Progress has been pretty slow - but necessarily so.  Of course we had Christmas in-between too. It is generally the way that when you are looking for something, you can't...

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A Personalised Bauble Is Not Just for Valentine’s Day

A personalised Bauble is not just for Valentine's Day.  Nor Christmas. In fact, I don't think we even need a reason to send one of these delightful Bauble's - do we?         I saw these Baubles on Instagram and I thought how lovely to have some made for...

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A Copper Love Affair – The Alana Mirror

What is it with us and mirrors you ask? It's not a vanity thing - honest!  More of a happy coincidence.  Happy that this darling mirror has arrived. I cannot tell you how many times we have walked into the bathroom to look at ourselves in the tiles.  How can that be? ...

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Let There Be Lights!

You will remember in previous posts how I talked of having a very high ceiling area in the new loft hallway area.  And my comment on pendant lighting opportunities for this area.  The choice of lights for this area was something we were really excited about.  ...

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Welcome to Not Just The 3 Of Us, the Midlife Lifestyle Blog for those of us that want to make every minute of this new chapter count. I am always looking to challenge the perceptions around age and the mid-years and this is where I do it. You will find my midlife ramblings and adventures here and I also invite you to share in my love of the home and interiors too.

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