About a year ago, we set to work on the Study Makeover and I vowed that this room would not be Pink.  In fact I actively followed a black and white theme and I’m ashamed to say that I have made no progress at all.  None whatsoever.  Until now!   I am also ashamed but BLOODY delighted to say that I have seen the light.  And having taken my foot off the interiors pedal for a while, I am now back on it with a few projects up my sleeve.  The creative juices are in overdrive!!


Turning a Fridge into an Office Space


I entitled a previous post on this makeover ‘How to Turn a Fridge into an Office‘.  The room was painted white and it is also a cold room.  Cold because it is the only room in the house without a radiator.  On reflection, black and white were going to do nothing to add warmth to this room.  My term ‘fridge’ was quite literal without me realising it at the time.  Especially given the plummeting temperatures we have seen over recent weeks.  An electric radiator doesn’t go anywhere near to reaching the temperature that is necessary for comfort.


Box Room painted white


For a million and one reasons, I tried to avoid Pink.  Not least because although there are two girls in the house, there is also a man and pink just didn’t seem right.  Something a bit more gender neutral was my aim.  The truth was that in actual fact, no one really cared.  Except Me!  Within reason, the colour of the room was irrelevant, as long as everyone could get to the PC and printer.  So, effectively I have a blank canvas.

Suddenly, Pink seemed very right.  So right, that I realise that this tiny little room was meant to be Pink.  Rose Pink and Gold to be precise.  As I have said before, this is a room that has seen many guises and colours.  I now realise that it was calling for me to listen.  It wanted to be Pink.  Rose Pink.  Together they are certainly colours that add warmth.

Now that doesn’t mean, I’ve gone completely bonkers and painted it for the eleventy billionth time.  No wonder it’s a small room!  I dread to think of how big it was before all of this painting malarkey.  But no, my intention is merely to accessorise with the Rose Pink.  And suddenly it’s all fallen into place.  Once I’d knocked taken the black and white blind down, there was no guilt whatsoever.  It may even be rehoused elsewhere.  One rooms trash and all that.


Ikea light shade


And as luck would have it, I’ve actually found a lovely replacement blind in Rose Pink.  Who’d have thought it?!  Told you it was meant to be.



Since then, the wins have just kept on coming.  Everywhere I look there are little additions to make this room the colour it was intended to be.

I’ve even found some long lost rugs and accessories for the Loft Bedroom.  Where was they when I was looking?  That’s another nine years I won’t get back but a fluffy rug on the tootsies sure does make up for the hardship.


The Art of a Good Makeover is the Ability to Change Ones Mind


Part of our getting our homes the way we want is to make a few mistakes along the way.  It’s a good way of finding out what doesn’t work.  The old adage about learning from mistakes is spot on.  I like it when that happens.   This take cares of the last year sitting in a dingy half baked room working and knocking out posts while secretly disliking the room.  Lessons learned.  The art of a good makeover is the ability to change ones mind.  I’m afraid we don’t always get it right the first time.  This post is testament to that.  On reflection, I was probably a bit ‘interiored’ out following the loft conversion and probably needed a bit of a breather.

So this is a ‘take two’ of sorts.  A lesson in changing your mind without it being too costly.


The Practical Stuff


In my post, The Study – A Work In Progress Part 2, I talked of the need to have the keyboard and screen at separate levels on the desk.  I was advised to do this by my Osteopath for the sake of back health.  As a temporary solution, I raised the laptop on to a book.  This raised the screen to eye level which make a huge difference to being hunched over.

However, fast forward a year and I found the perfect solution in Ikea.  Slick and much easier on the eye.  It also has space underneath for storage.




So much easier ……..


Because of the proportions of the room, the Ikea Peg Board provides invaluable storage for stationery and other bits to keep them from cluttering the desk space.  If that happens to be a bit of ‘display wrapping paper’ too, then so be it.  There’s nothing wrong with that is there?!  I mean people have display towels, don’t they. I think we can make ‘Display’ Wrapping Paper a thing too – surely?  Easy on the eye and there for emergencies.  Both stylish and practical – the perfect accessory.




And again, more wall storage courtesy of Home Sense.



A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place (especially if it’s Pink!)


Ikea has played a big part in this room and will continue to do so as it progresses.  The desk and filing cabinet are from Ikea and we shall be purchasing a wardrobe and storage cum stationery cupboard from there too.  Believe it or not there is space on the wall behind the door for this.  Such a tiny space but it just shows that if you choose wisely, there is a place for everything.



I always find it helps to have a little area of loveliness to focus on in a room.  Equally, it’s nice to have something special to look at while a room is coming together.  I have chosen to really ‘pink-up’ the fireplace area in the room with some of my favourite things.

It also keeps the colour vision going for me.



My Gratitude Journal above which is part of my daily routine and below an Abundance Jar.  This is the place where I keep a note of special things that have happened and, on this occasion, a special £10 note, which just so happens to match perfectly.



As I say, it’s all about celebrating the wins when you mess up or go a bit off track.

Much as in real life really.





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