High flush toilet

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are about to have our loft converted and I am using the blog, not only to share my ideas (and hopefully gain more)  but also to help crystallise my decision process.  It’s also an opportunity for me to flex my creative muscle and perhaps to dip into the world of Pinterest and Instagram a little bit more for ideas.

I always find that an idea or scheme tends to come from something quite simple which then forms the basis of the design.  Our existing bathroom colours and design all stemmed from a towel that I liked.  The towel duly accompanied us to every bathroom, tile and paint showroom until I could see it all coming together.  Always good to have a dry run with your props in a pre-prepared bathroom mock-up in Homebase!  No point not liking it when it’s too late is there.

So, we will gain a largish bedroom and bathroom which will be all for us.  Grown-up space.

The bathroom is getting the attention at the moment and our recent foray into a bathroom showroom has shown how much choice there is today compared to eight years ago.  I started with an idea in my head which involved a bit of pattern.  We are also working slightly blind here as we only have rough room sizes to go on at the moment but we will need to buy quickly once things are underway.

Of course, all the ideas I am seeing are in huuuuuge bathroom displays and there will have to be a scaling down exercise to fit our humble abode!


Bizarrely, I was immediately drawn to a marble effect sink.  Initially thinking how ugly it was, I kept finding myself going back to it. They say everything makes a resurgence and marble it seems is no exception.  Up until now, I would have given marble a complete swerve.  Whilst very fashionable and decadent in the 70s, marble has probably been quite high on my ‘gawdy’ factor list for many years.  I really love this bathroom set up and the colour ways.

Marble sink. Patterned tiles. Higt flush toilet.

As tends to be the way, I have since on a recent holiday found myself bumping into marble sinks everywhere.  The hotel room and possibly every bathroom I visited.  I have to confess to having become rather taken with the idea now.

Marble Sink

I am also very taken with the high flush toilets.  The very same ones that everyone couldn’t wait to rip out and replace with the low flush modern systems.  Funny that!  I need to seek some more practical advise on the wisdom of this but I can see it working quite nicely alongside the sink.  In terms of practicalities, I’m not sure we will have sufficient height for this sort of toilet.  I’m absolutely loving these tiles though.  This is the pattern loving part of me being addressed.

High flush toilet

I am also rather fond of the white brick tiles in the bathroom – this idea lends itself to the pattern being on the floor.

White brick tiles.

I pretty much have a free hand on colour schemes and designs in the home and Iron Man’s only stipulation is that we have a walk in shower cubicle that doesn’t feel like a telephone box with a decent pressure shower.   We have seen several that would be suitable and favour those with minimum chrome.  Something like this would be perfect.

Shower Cubicle

With the addition of some not so modern taps perhaps.


So I guess on reflection, a couple of points are starting to emerge in terms of colour – I seem to be drawn towards grey and white.  The style is leaning towards old-fashioned with a bit of a modern twist.

The thing I want to particularly avoid is having everything in a line.  Obviously the bathroom won’t be huge but I do like to create an illusion of space where possible.

The next step is to address some of the practical issues around sizes and heights.

What do we think of the marble idea then?

Would love to hear views and suggestions.




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