The window boxes had well and truly had it from last season.  They had nothing left to give in the way of flowers and colour.



I would usually have changed them earlier than now but the weather hasn’t been conducive and I wanted to make a start on the garden first.

The tiny Lavender that started it’s journey a while ago, really was way too big for the boxes now and needed to move into larger pots.  Some of last years Carex were also a little unwieldy or in need of a bit of a haircut and a spruce up.  Those that were too large have been popped into the beds that I started clearing a few weeks ago.

The really have come on in size!.



And so for the revamp of the boxes themselves.   Off to the garden centre for some inspiration and a mooch.  I do love a garden centre and we have a particularly good one close by where I am always able to find something for my next window box project.

I had a yearning for reds and pinks and wanted some taller plants to create a wild and flowing look this summer rather than one that was too uniform.

Antirrihinum caught my eye – a firm favourite from childhood days and the Crimson shade meant that they went straight in the basket.



We always called these ‘bunny rabbits’ as children.  We used to take the flower off and squeeze the sides so that the flower opened and closed like a mouth.

Having a rabbit in the house now means that I can actually vouch for the similarities – particularly when a carrot is in play!




I chose Gazania ‘Strawberry Sundae’ to complement the crimson  of the Antirrinhum and with the variegated Carex, I could see things taking shape.  I’m certainly loving the colour mix.



Our Chives are still going strong from last year and have already done a few chores this year.  You can see here how they did good service in our picnic menu recently.  When in full bloom, they are really quite magnificent.


Chives in the window box


Although fading slightly, there is still a place for them, albeit a midsummer change may be needed.



I have also left in some of these little beauties from last year just in case they start to come good again this year.  Waste not, want not!



As I’ve said before, I am no gardener and I tend to choose plants as to how they will work with the overall theme.

The Gazania threw up a little mystery straight away here because they were opening and closing before my eyes.  You can see the difference in these before and after pictures.  These were actually taken minutes apart as the sun was finding its feet on the patio.




Here I come!




Now you see me!



Funny aren’t they!

I really love the mix of colours and am pleased with the overall look.

I have since learned that the Gazania will only open in full sun.




This has thrown up a little dilemma as the front of the house where the window boxes live gets the late afternoon and evening sun.

This means that during the normal comings and goings of the day, I am getting the closed look only!

How rude!

I will have to see how this goes over the next few weeks and I may have to take out the Gazania and rehouse them in the back garden.

Seems a shame, having found my winning combination but this comes down to not doing my research.

All is not lost but I will just need to find something similar to replace them.



It’s a case of pull their weight or they’re out.  My fault, not theirs!



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