I’ve been having one of those lightbulbs moments.

You know how we listen to ourselves and wonder if we are morphing into our parents?

WELL, I’m wondering if I’m now getting a bit of it on the home design front.



These are not my parents by the way but you get the gist!

Generally, when growing up, nothing in Chez Victoriana matched.

Think pattern and then think more pattern.

We did start off in the 1970s but there really was no need to keep it going.



All of the oranges, greens, browns and every single one of the yellows – yes, those!  Our little home at Chez Victoriana epitomised all that trendy types now rush to purchase from pop up shops and London postcodes on a Sunday after brunch.

And believe me when I say that back then, LONDON ON A SUNDAY – just did not exist.

As a child Sunday was the most boring day in the world where you were forced to sit on patterned carpet looking at patterned walls listening to the Chez Victoriana record player.

It is really little wonder that I feel like Jim Reeves and Johnny Cash were part of the extended family. They appeared to spend more time in my house than they did their own.  Gotta love a bit of Jim and Johnny.

The 1970s came and went but the patterns stayed.



Now, I’m not sure whether this was perhaps the baptism of my interest in home and design. I wonder whether we were one of those cutting edge families that were so achingly cool, we just rolled with it.

Maybe we were there ahead of the whole gentrification thing doing our thing for the pattern while knitting yoghurt with our chilblained feet.

Imagine that though – not realising how cool you were at the time.

And then came green. Everything was green. The only thing that escaped the green were our bedrooms. Oh how we loathed green.

But guess what my favourite colour is.

Yep it’s green. Nearly every shade of green.

And this is where I wonder if it’s all just a life cycle thing.

That we do become our parents in every single way.

Because green and the home for me is right where it’s at.  My head is turning for all things green.

And when I get a crush on a colour, I get these wild ideas about how it can be incorporated everywhere. I won’t do it of course (just the one room) but it almost screams out to me every time I go near home furnishings.

Because it’s all about the green right now. Every where I go.  Green is having a ‘moment’.



Which brings me on to another ‘green’ matter.






Indoor plants.

The indoor plants are everywhere.

Now, I’m not saying that they ever went away, but we just, well – we just stopped having them in the home.

I remember the day when no room was complete without a plant but then suddenly – no more.

Would it be correct for me to say they are also having a ‘moment’?

It certainly seems that way because for every square foot of green home furnishing on display, there are plants, lots of them. Fake and real. And there’s all the bronze pot thing going on too. And I’m a sucker when it comes to a bit of bronze.

This could become expensive. It could also involve ‘plant care’ and ‘someone to water the plants’ when we go away. Now there’s a term that I’ve not heard used in a while.

Is it an age thing or is green so damn bloody fashionable and on point at the moment that I’m just oozing with possibility?

And the plant thing – fashion or full circle?

Personally, I’d like to think it’s fashion.  Keep yourself young and all that!

Or do I need to keep an eye on myself in case I start liking ornaments.

What do we think?






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