So here I am having been invited to take part in a 30 Day Aloe Vera Gel trial.  I should say at this point that I’m actually no stranger to the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.  I don’t think any of us are.  In order to participate I was provided with enough Aloe Vera for the 30 day trial in return for a post sharing my thoughts.   As readers will be aware, I rarely participate in collaborations such as this but when I do, you can expect complete honesty about my experience.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I love a trial.  In fact, other members of the household positively encourage it.  This one is all about me though.  No drama required.  I have everything I need in these two delicious little bottles.



We all extol the virtues of the Aloe Vera plant and I’d be surprised if anyone hasn’t picked a stem off their plant and used it at one time or another – most likely for a burn.  Well, the Forever Living products and the Aloe Vera Gel have taken the legwork out of putting our houseplants through their paces.  Homes & Interiors (and our green friends in particular) can listen up and rest easy.



Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that grows in arid conditions.  The key factor in the production of the Forever Living Aloe is the purity.  Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the variety of Aloe used and every part of its farming process is controlled by Forever Living so that its purity and beneficial properties remain intact.



The very first time I tried the Aloe Vera Gel many years ago, I gagged.  It is a very bitter taste as you will know if you have tried it.  However, something made me stick with it and I took a daily shot for some time.  I actually began to like it in a strange kind of way.

I’d set aside the beginning of May as being a good time to get started on this challenge. It followed a period of lovely celebrations and sunshine and I’d actually made a mental note to start being a bit healthier. When I was asked to do the challenge, I thought how perfectly it fitted my intention.


The Aloe Vera 30 Day Trial


In order to take part in the Aloe Vera 30 Day Trial, I needed to drink 60ml of Aloe Vera Gel first thing in the morning. It is suggested that this is followed with a glass of water and then waiting 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.



The hardest part of this for me is that I’m a bit of a tea monster and I have to have (no kidding) about four cups on the trot when I wake up.  During this time I turn into a human.

I also find it difficult to drink water first thing in the morning. In fact I’m not a water drinker – full stop. I’m never thirsty and that makes the water drinking a constant challenge.   Prosecco – no problem.  Water – no.  All my buttons being pushed here. It’s a weird thing with the water first thing but it’s always made me feel giddy. But then has it?   Or is it one of those funny things we tell ourselves that we don’t do and we condition ourselves not to do it.   Either way – it has to change for the next 30 days but this bit really changed up the routine.

Also the internal justification system starts to yell and argue that ‘I don’t want to do this’ or ‘I don’t have to do this’. For me, that’s generally around committing to a diet or making healthy changes. I take my hat off to people that stick to diets and have every admiration for their success.

But, I cannot tell you how much I now enjoy my little Aloe Shot.  Every little sip of it makes me feel like I’m giving my body gold. That’s not how it sounds.  Just to explain I feel like this when I eat dark greens. You know the ones that are almost navy green – if there were such a colour.  You feel as though every mouthful is soaring through your veins.  And because of that – you will quite simply live forever.  Maybe that’s where the name came from – Forever Living?  If not, you’re welcome!!!!!!

I was told once by a Forever Living agent that the worse it tastes the more your body needs it.  I am not sure that this is a fact shared by all but nevertheless it seems to make sense.

Here in the UK we have experienced a long, dark and cold winter this year. It was only in the days leading up to the trial that we started to see the temperature rise to become more typical for the time of year. Of course this has a knock on effect on health and well being and the immune system as all the viruses that are usually confined to the winter months, drag on and take on a life of their own.


So Have I Noticed a Difference?


The answer to that is a resounding yes. The most immediate and noticeable difference was my energy levels.  That happened within days.

Another noticeable difference for me was the condition of my hair. Fluctuating hormones in midlife can play havoc with the hair and skin and both can suffer from becoming very dry. I had taken to using regular hair masks in order to keep my locks under control but whilst on the trial, my hair seemed to revert back to its old ways.   My skin also started to feel noticeably different.  A real moisture hit.



And of course, the other thing is that when you are introducing something like this into your daily routine, the effect becomes cumulative. When you are doing something that is having a positive effect, you start to take more notice and pay attention to other areas and habits that need refining like the diet . For many of us the long harsh winter has seen us comfort eat and we start to go for quantity over quality.  Doing the Aloe Challenge has made me think about what I’m eating and how much and I’ve actually started to make a move away from some foods that don’t really serve me.

I will most definitely be continuing with the Aloe Vera Gel on a daily basis going forward,  I like the changes that I’ve seen and I want to stick with it for longer and see what other benefits I experience as well as those I’ve already noticed.






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