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We are very slowly getting the new loft bedroom furnished and accessorised and it is often the small things that make all the difference.   On this occasion, I’m talking about door knobs.  And how one small thing of beauty can change an otherwise boring door.

We have lots of greys, whites and silvers going on in the new bedroom and one of the things I really wanted to do was to jazz up the eaves and boiler cupboard doors with something that would be a little different.  Something that would work well with the overall colours.

Our predominant colour is white and as you can see from the cupboard doors, the silver door knobs are a little bit boring (even with my reflection in them!).


Cupboard doors


Everywhere I’ve been I’ve seen different door knobs, they have been calling to me and they really do seem to be all the rage at the moment.

Yet finding the right ones was more challenging.

I did, however, have the good fortune to stumble upon Mango Tree Knobs online where I discovered the most wonderful selection of door knobs in every colour, style and design.

When presented with such beautiful pieces like these door ornaments, I just want to squeal with delight because there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from.

I mean just look it these.  I could quite easily eat them!  My absolute favourite colour is green and I could feel myself wanting to do a whole colour change after seeing these pictures.  Had to knock that little thought into touch though.


Mango Tree Knobs

Photo Courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs



I got in touch with the guys at Mango Tree Knobs and have teamed up with them to show, not only my selection, but also some of their other offerings.


Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs

Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs



It took me a while to make a choice and then I realised that actually at such a good price, I can chop and change when the mood takes me.

I decided to go for these Ceramic White Knobs with the painted Ascot lady.  I thought they were really quite glamourous and perfect for the colours of the room.


Door knobs


This choice also allows the freedom to introduce more colour tones into the room should I decide to.  We only needed 5 of the knobs and at £3 each, they are really good value.


Door knobs


The door knobs arrived overnight and were well packaged to prevent any damage.  They come complete with instructions for fitting.


Door knobs


Our eaves doors are a little on the chunky side but we managed to make a few adjustments so that the door knobs fitted easily.


Door knobs


And I love them.  The tiny detail is perfect for the room and I can’t stop looking at them.


Door knobs


Mango Tree Knobs is a family run, small business.   The owners have been involved in the design and supply of cupboard knobs and door handles direct to the DIY & Retail industry for over 20 years.

Mango Tree was established in 2011 with the specific intention to provide a more intimate style of supply for cupboard knobs directly to the public.

Mango Tree offer their customers a wide and comprehensive range of cabinet, cupboard and wardrobe knobs that can help enhance any kitchen cupboard, dresser, wardrobe or chest of drawers whether it is with classic or brightly coloured designs or a mix of different vintage or shabby chic style knobs.

Based in Croydon, Surrey Mango Tree now sell over 1,000 different styles and designs of ceramic & glass knobs with many more products being introduced regularly throughout the year.  They have their own design team and many of their products are unique to Mango Tree.

You can see more about Mango Tree and their products on their website here.

I’m really excited to be sharing these pictures with you because I do love to be able to do a shout out for small businesses.

For anyone that loves a bit of accessorising, these knobs are a bit like jewellery for doors and cupboards.  And why shouldn’t they get in on the act.

And let’s face it, with all this choice – why wouldn’t you.



Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs

Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs



Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs

Photo courtesy of Mango Tree Knobs


This has been a lovely collaboration, Mango Tree are lovely to work with and I’ve really enjoyed looking through all of their beautiful pieces.



This is a collaborative post.  All thoughts, opinions and words are my own.


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