As you know, we are always on the look out for new activities now that The Kid is a bit older and we do love a bit of a Christmas jaunt.  I think we’ve pretty much had every activity covered over the last 10 years and this has been the year we have been on the lookout for some new ideas.

I have been seeing the Backyard Cinema crop up on my timeline for ages now and I’d never really known what it was.  So I decided this year to have a little nosey around.  By the time I got to it, it was mostly fully booked leading up to Christmas but we managed to bag Mary Poppins for last night which is always a good Christmas film.

My investigation was well and truly rewarded.

This has to be one of the most different and exciting things we have done in ages.  For both kids and adults.

Where to begin!

The beginning!

And it’s the beginning that is one of the most amazing bits.

I am going to suggest that you read no further if you want to see it first hand through your own eyes.  I had to stop reading another post because I didn’t want to spoil our surprise.

I’m assuming that you’ve gone because I’m going to continue.

This is a wardrobe.



And this is us going through it.



Oh my god!  I defy anyone not to squeal with delight at this.  Even Iron Man was almost reduced to a mere mortal.

A wardrobe with coats in.  Just like in the book.  And did I say we went through it?  Not half did we.  Coats swishing on our heads and bodies as we went through the magic door.  I can honestly say that I now feel like I have aired every stirring I ever had inside me to be a character in a children’s book.



This was my real life Narnia.  But it’s not over yet because there is this bit …………..


The Secret Garden




Well, The Kid had legged it at this point leaving us to have a moment.  And you know that thing children do when they are excited – squeeze their body all tight and shake their arms – we did it.  Just me and my Iron Man in The Secret Garden.

I’d have felt we had our money’s worth if we had to turn around and go home at that point but there is of course far more to come.

Because at the end of every Secret Garden is a room.  And, I’m sure you will have realised by now that it’s not just any old room.

Ta da ………………………



Our venue for the evening.

Just look!



We were shown to our seat which was in the second row.  I’m not sure if we paid extra for this but if we did it was certainly worth it.  The total ticket cost was £47 including booking fees.  Not cheap for cinema but this was theatre at it’s very best.   Worth every penny.



Not to mention the blankets!



We very ‘nerdily’ got there really early – like an hour and half early.  We wasn’t 100% sure what was in the local area to do beforehand.  Not a problem as there were already people in front of us.

Being early meant we were able to experience the walking in while it was still relatively empty which was a bonus – lots of time to take it all in and get pictures.  And get started on the Mulled Wine.



If there is a parenting high five to be had here, then the words “this is so exciting” coming from the tween is it.  After having a year of parenting fails, Iron Man really needed this reassurance.

As for me – well, a good reason to punch the air and kiss the world to celebrate my one and only parenting win this year with only 11 days to spare.  Chancer!



More Mulled Wine.



There was even a little film beforehand and some old Christmas favourites.  It doesn’t get much better than this.



Mary Poppins is a very long film.  I believe this is to allow for an adequate snooze in the middle.  Generally, the snooze is at a different point in the film meaning that by the time you are 70, you will have seen it all the way through.  This is customary.



Just as well, because there is no way you can sit in those seats (THE most comfiest seat/cushion I have ever sat on in my entire life) without nodding off.   I’m pleased to say I wasn’t the only one.  Iron Man had a snorer the other side.  Talk about it all coming together.  Not sure if I have ever mentioned the snoring problem.  I shan’t bore you now but it was another reason to punch the air.

Fully refreshed I was ready to press on for the remainder of the film under the comfort of my red throw.  These had been freshly washed because I could smell the fragrance of new washing.  Another plus.  Nice touch!

Toilet visits are a must but only because you get to come back into the cinema through a book shelf.  I mean – how often do you get to do that these days.   The toilets’ leave a lot to be desired otherwise.   Go easy on the Mulled Wine and hold it if I were you.  Or take your own tissues and sit on your legs.

The Backyard Cinema is in the grounds of the Mercato Metropolitano in Newington Causeway.  The Mercato Metropolitano is closed on a Monday.  At the time of booking we hadn’t been aware of its existence.

I imagine if it were open we would have spent a good few hours there.



And once outside in the real world – well I spun the umbrella over my head and into the air and danced of course.

What else!



Pure Christmas delight or should I say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The 3 of Us wish you and yours the most wonderful Christmas.




Nicky x


This is not a sponsored review – purely me gushing with excitement











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