So here is the final bathroom reveal with a reminder of where it all started.


Loft Conversion Bathroom


It’s not a big room so it’s not possible to take a photograph of the whole room as I did here when there were no walls.   I’ve done my best!!



You will have seen plenty of pictures already of the floor and wall tiles as they were with us from the start.

What did occur to me here though was the importance of the grouting colour choices.  If you changed our grouting, the room would look completely different again.

Our tiler knew exactly what we were after and made the decision for us.  Dark grey for the walls and light grey for the floor.  I am also very aware that this could have gone very wrong had the tiler not been up to scratch.   He is on speed dial from hereon in.



I must also mention the ‘Mastic Man’ here.  This chap did a nifty visit to do all of the sealing work in the bathroom and he really was called the Mastic Man.  I’m loving this translucent sealing.  I had to super, super zoom in just to see it!


Translucent Sealing


The bathroom furniture was very much based on the size of the room.   I like that the sink has no pedestal and the area underneath is open allowing more floor space.  Of course, it’s a triumph of aesthetics over practically and I can’t guarantee we won’t end up putting storage underneath but for now – we like the space.


Bathroom Pedestal

The sanitary ware is all Burlington.  Not only was it the look we wanted but space was also premium.  The basin is quite wide which meant that the toilet cistern needed to be narrow.  We heaved a sigh of relief when it all fitted side by side!

All of the taps were Belgravia – an easy choice – they worked with the overall theme.


Belgravia Taps


And so to the shower.  We have one happy husband.  The shower was his area.  It was only ever going to be walk in.  Also very difficult to photograph!

Ladies may wish to note the helpful addition of the handheld shower attachment.  This serves for separate hair washing.  I have to say that I haven’t actually tried this approach yet so I cannot vouch for the rest of the body getting a drenching.

In the meantime, it does a good job of cleaning the shower.

We also chose a slim line shower tray in order to fit everything side by side without it being cramped.


Walk In Shower


And control panel on entry!  No more having to stand under the first burst of a cold shower!


Towel Rail


We also have a towel rail for the first time.  One needs to be mindful of this on entering and leaving the shower area.  I have been a victim several times.

Great for towels though!


Towel Rail


The window is begging for a blind now that the lighter mornings are here.  Green.  Has to be green.


Bathroom Window


I’ve already talked about my copper love affair and the mirror in a previous post.


Brushed Copper Mirror


And I had to get a cheeky bit more copper in.


Copper Door Hook


And that, I think, concludes the bathroom tour, short of actually having a bath!

My thanks go to the trusty serviette who has stayed by my side throughout.




You can have a look around the bedroom here.



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