This is actually a post from last year, but it becomes very relevant during the summer months when we flock to the beach in our droves.  Looking for peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle that led up to our holidays.

You will have noticed that it is within the nature of humans to flock together.

This is never more evident than on a beach.

Find yourself a lovely spot on an empty beach and as sure as eggs are eggs, someone will sit next to you.

Right next to you.

Not just right next to you but so close that you feel like you need to include them in a round.

Beach, swimming pool, you name it. Someone will want to be in your space.

This comes from someone who loves people.

I love them but I just don’t want to feel their Piz Buin on mine.

Well today it’s not happening.

We are ready and no one is sharing our bangers on the beach.



Today we have set up such a large area that we have to shout to speak to each other.

Not only do we have space within our space (in the event of an emergency) but we are also hoping that people will stay away as we appear to be shouters.

And we are.  Today.

Primarily because we can’t hear each other unless we shout.

Cause and effect!

So as I sit here eyeing people as they wander onto the beach, laden down with IKEA bags for life and surf boards, I wonder.

I wonder what makes people tick.

I include us in this.

Because people are generally quite odd.

Fantastically and interestingly odd, I hasten to add.

And I for one wouldn’t want them any other way.

Nor would I want to be any other way.

I’m odd too and I think it’s great.

But I’m hoping today that my oddness will make people stay away from me.

So if your IKEA bag comes anywhere near my space today, then you will inadvertently take the lead role in his blog post.

And I’m not having that.

It’s my blog!

Of course, we do the same as these people on our approach to the beach.   I think we all do.




We look around.

There will be a period of looking around from all people in my party.

‘What about here?’ Will be mooted several times before a convenient spot is chosen.

We then spend five minutes questioning whether we have made the right decision.

Iron Man will make several attempts at pinpointing tide times and the course of the sun.  We will then spend the next five minutes looking around again.

And then we will sit.

In a big space.

Or the biggest we can find. Away from your spot.

I guess that is where we may differ from some.

This is also particularly important because we are in Cornwall.

Cornwall tends not to enjoy the same temperatures as London and today is the first sunny day in ages.

There are also less people in Cornwall.

However, we know statistics have no bearing on seating choices.

Only last week when celebrating Iron Mans birthday at a favourite place with a pre-arranged spot in the grounds of a large country estate. (Blimey that sounds posh)!

It was a bit!

But we aren’t – as you know.

It was a special occasion.

I use the description of ‘large country estate’ to illustrate my point.

There couldn’t have been more lawn.

In fact It would have knocked Adam & Eve and their Garden of Eden into a tin hat.

But lo and behold, they came, they saw and they sat.

Directly alongside us.

It was so strange, it was unremarkable.

The most irritating thing being that they were in all the bloody photos.

Not sure what part of the self-awareness manual that one falls into.

Anyway talking of self-awareness.

They are here!  The beach lot.

I figure if I can take a selfie and your tent is this close to my shoulder, it counts as TOO close.




If by erecting your tent, I fear that I’m going to end up in it. That is too close.

I don’t suppose either of these areas were any good?






No, thought not.

It’s taken 2 hours and 10 minutes for this to happen.

I feel a bit like David Attenborough conducting a documentary on human behaviour.

People are nothing if not predictable!

Me included!

Who is sharing your beach towel today?

Over and out.


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