Loft Bedroom

I thought it was high time that a proper reveal of the bedroom and bathroom were forthcoming.  Progress has been pretty slow – but necessarily so.  Of course we had Christmas in-between too.

It is generally the way that when you are looking for something, you can’t always find it and for this reason, we are going with what we have until we spot the final bits we need to make the bedroom fully serviceable.

I’m sure once we’ve parked it, the wanted items will crawl out of the woodwork.

But for now, If I spend any longer trying to find a throw, I will go ever so slightly mad.  Having tried about 20, I’m calling it a day for now.

We are also turning our attention to some of the other rooms because, well, as you know – once you start.  When you’ve got a nice new area, it shows how much the rest of the house needs a bit of a liven up.  I can see a spot of decorating coming on for me!

So here’s what we started with.  It seems like a million years ago!


Loft Conversion


And then this – a little easier on the eye!



And then finally this!



Loft Bedroom


It’s never easy to get a picture of the whole room, so I thought I’d have a go with the mirror (after a tidy up!).


Loft Bedroom


This has been the nice bit.

Nothing we have purchased for this room was particularly expensive but it does, of course, all mount up when you are building something from scratch.  Fortunately, I am totally not a brand snob and I really don’t care where things come from.  I will happily go the back of beyond providing I can get what is in my minds eye.

The only exception to this is bedding.  You really can’t scrimp on decent bedding.  John Lewis took care of most of our bedding requirements with Leesa providing the mattress.

What I knew from the outset was that I wanted the room to be predominantly white and flowy with lots of different textures and I have managed to achieve this so far.   Whilst the design is very feminine, the room itself is also practical and is very well served for the technological and viewing requirements of the man of the house.

The floor was easy and a scoop from B&Q.  Expertly laid by our carpenter as one of the first things, it started to shape the room towards the next stage of decorating.


Loft Floor B&Q


The wallpaper was an easy acquisition from Laura Ashley and was perfect both in colour and the flow of the pattern.

Curtains were courtesy of Next who seem to have come up trumps on a lot of our purchases.  Again I think I mentioned that I had crushed velvet in mind and voila!  Complete with ‘puddle’!

Pole and tiebacks also from Next.



I may well be a bit picky but things really jar if they aren’t quite what you had in mind.  The throw purchases and returns are testament to this!  What I’m after is a grey shaggy faux Mongolian fur throw and I shall happily wait until the worldwide shortage has passed.  Not too long hopefully.

Wayfair has also been a great source for furniture.  The dressing table was a Wayfair purchase and as I said in my recent post – perfect for the corner.

Our mirrored bedside tables were also courtesy of Wayfair.  I just love the way the wallpaper reflects in the glass.



And life got a whole lot better when I discovered these little beauties in B&Q.  This is an unashamedly posed photograph.  I could quite simply lose myself in the reflection alone.  As long as there are feathers, peace and harmony shall follow.



Feathers continue to hold a special place in my heart and these lampshades are no exception!


Feather Lampshades


And I almost forgot the wardrobe!

Could I find one in the weeks leading up to Christmas – actually yes I did eventually.  Argos saved the day here with this little number.  It fits perfectly behind the alcove and stops just before the ceiling starts to dip into the alcoves.


Argos Wardrobe


The shade actually works quite well with the bedframe too.  It also works with my idea of throwing in a slightly different metallic shade.  In this case one that is slightly warmer.

The same goes for the frame of the bed.  Silver would have just been too much of the same.  Pewter is perfect.



And storage?  Enough?  The whole length of the eaves accessed by a door either end as well as the boiler cupboard. You just have to be brutal with the hoarding.  Not a big ask in our new slimline lives.


Velux Windows and Eaves


Now that we are moving into spring, it’s good to see how the light changes the look of the room.

More importantly, we need to turn our attention to Velux blinds.  This has not been a priority as it’s been so dark all of the time.

I’ve felt like an extra in the sky at night during the winter as the Velux are directly above my side of the bed.  It’s been quite nice.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop ducking when it rains – it really does feel and sound like you are going to get a drenching.

Fortunately not though!



However, light nights and mornings are just around the corner so this is an area I need to investigate.   It seems an odd concept at the moment but they will also need to repel some of the heat of summer.  I am well aware this this space will become a sun trap.

Access to the bathroom is on the main wall of doors.  I mentioned before how we had chosen a non-standard narrow door allowing a bit more wall space.  You’d never notice if it wasn’t pointed out.





You can see the pictures of the bathroom reveal here.

So that’s the last you will be seeing of our bedroom unless you happen to be making a personal visit or delivering or fitting any of the items left on the Wish List!  Namely a chest of drawers, rugs, Velux Blinds, a throw, photographs, storage boxes and a bit more fluff.

Over and out from the roof.



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