Blue Monday

I wanted to talk about Blue Monday today. Primarily because it is Blue Monday.  But also to try to understand just what it is about this poor old Monday that gives it such a reputation.

It may also have been a bit of a Smelly Saturday and Stinky Sunday for many leading up to this day.

And don’t get me wrong, if you took one look at the weather today, you may have very sensibly just rolled over and hid under the duvet.   I’m sure we can all agree in a very British way just how grim it is out there.

So my first challenge was ‘which photographs’?  What picture should one use to depict Blue Monday?   It was then that serendipity got involved and I remembered the beautiful photographs I took on Saturday night.  Of the sky!


Blue Monday


And there is actually something quite serendipitous about this in itself because I took them from the Velux windows in the roof standing on my tippy toes.   Great vantage point!

And I say serendipitous because the last time I attempted to do this was when the Moon and Venus were visible together in early January and well – let’s just say, Iron Man got involved.  The next thing I know the window and my head were making contact.  I live life in the fast lane every day of my life with this man because he is quite clumsy.

I am also thinking that serendipity may just be a feature of this day.

Because in the same way that I give thanks for every day I wake up in one piece with Iron Man by my side, I also give thanks for Blue Monday because it’s January’s way of saying hold-up love, you might feel done but you’re not out.

I have to say that come Friday of last week, I did wonder what was going on.    Anyone else have that feeling?

I’ve haphazardly thrown myself at everything and when I’ve looked up, everything is the same.

I’ve thrown everything I’ve got at my plans and got very little back.

And poor old January gets the blame.  It’s little wonder it feels blue today.


Blue Monday


But hold up it’s only Week 3 of the year.

Isn’t that a display of expecting instant gratification at its best?

Of course it is!

But we do all love a bit of instant gratification don’t we.   It is not just the preserve of the younger generation.

And it is this that makes me think that there must be a correlation between resolutions and Blue Monday.

We start off with wonderful intentions and can’t wait to get cracking and then nothing.

Just nothing.

And that bothers us.  And we blame January.  Poor January.

And I imagine January is feeling a bit like I did when Iron Man cracked my head on the window.

So whose fault is it then?


Blue Monday


Well first of all, we place unrealistic deadlines upon ourselves don’t we?  This was one of my reasons for not setting specific resolutions this year.  Quite simply, we try and turn ourselves into superheroes either through joining a gym, losing weight or by pursuing another goal on our endless list.  And we become despondent.

It is also true to say that sometimes we are not sure how to go about achieving our goals. We go off at a tangent with a scattergun approach to everything.  It’s worth remembering the 80/20 rule at times like this.

We also have a look around and see what everyone else is doing and all looks well.  So we jump to the conclusion that it must just be us.   What was I saying about comparison being the theft of joy?!   We all go there, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t.  Save yourself the journey.

And guess what, I messed up too.

Because in setting my resolutions I chose four words – Action, Change, Spontaneity and Choice.  When I should have chosen five.

Patience should have been on that list.   With a capital P.  We need it in January!

Because I’ve fallen into the same trap that we often do in January.  So I’m naming and shaming myself here and now for being such a lightweight.  Guilty as charged.

So, on the basis that there is only room for one superhero in the house, I’m happy to stick with just being super!

I’ve had a bit of a meeting with myself – ha – a meeting for one.  How random is that – give it a go!!

I am also very fortunate to have an accountability partner.  Best thing I’ve ever done.  Short of being super!!

And sometimes it just takes a bump on the head to make you realise.


Blue Monday


So, on this fine day if you are feeling like you are done, just remember that you aren’t out.

And dancing is always a good idea.

Nicky x







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