I am delighted to have been asked to participate in The Boots 50 Days of Christmas Gifting Campaign this year. To choose some gifts for family members and friends that they would adore.  No need to ask me twice on this one – have you seen the Boots Christmas Gifts range this year?!

And I don’t have to look too far in my household or family for participants either. I am sure I’m not alone in saying that a reasonable chunk of our Christmas expenditure is in Boots.  In fact, as a family, we have already had a little dip in this year as our daughter had made some early purchases.


Boots Christmas Gifts for Her


Unsurprisingly, my teen daughter was the first person on my list when choosing some gifts to review for this campaign. Boots is way up there on her list of favourite shops.  Being asked to participate in the Boots 50 Days of Christmas gifting campaign coincided with the year that I was going to surprise her with a product filled advent calendar from one of her favourite brands. For this reason, I chose the Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar as one of the products to review and gift.


Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar


Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar – (£35)


Reviewing the Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar


We do love a tradition at Christmas in this household. Over the years I’ve done my own advent with little gifts and the Elf on the Shelf has also brought some deliveries too. But as we move towards the teen years, it is clear that it is every young girls dream to have one of these product filled calendars.

The Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar ticks all the boxes for me in terms of balance between make-up and miniature product samples.  In true Jack Wills style, it is very contemporary and sleek to look at and let’s not forget that behind the doors of this Advent Calendar are products that will make a teen girl’s heart swoon.  My daughter will absolutely adore this gift.  I am excited just thinking about her little face when she sees it.


Inside the Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar


Inside this Advent Calendar is a perfect selection of mini body treatment products, accessories, make-up brushes, nail varnish and lip balm.   My daughter will love these little products and they are perfect sizes for travelling and sleepovers.  The clever way the products are placed on trays inside the box means that mum didn’t have to open any doors to provide this review.  Everyone’s a winner.  A clean and happy teen!!


Review of the Jack Wills Beauty Advent Calendar


Who wouldn’t want to awaken from their slumber on 1st December and find this gorgeous Advent Calendar.

Through the eyes of our daughter, this gift will be all of her ‘christmasses’ come early. Indeed as an adult, it is very easy to forget how we viewed Advent Calendars as youngsters ourselves. The excitement of getting up and knowing it was your turn to open the door that day – well it makes my heart skip a little at the thought of it. And the secret peaking behind the doors when no one was looking! That to me is all part of the Christmas magic.

I am often heard saying that my daughter and her young teen friends should have shares in Boots. Oh how they love a mooch! Spending their pocket money on toiletries and little bits and pieces of make-up. And the excitement of the Boots Christmas range this year – I think my daughter has to be on record for making the earliest Christmas gift purchases this year after drooling over the catalogue. I love that our future consumers are able to flex their spending muscle and take advantage of the higher value products as part of the infamous 3 for 2 offer.


Benefit Christmas Stocking Stuffers


Benefit Christmas Stocking Stuffers


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. Yep you guessed it – lots of traditions here too. Now we are a big family of Benefit lovers and oh – do be still my beating heart – check out these delightful stocking stuffers that double up as Christmas Tree decorations and gifts.  These little stunners would be welcome on any Christmas catwalk, wouldn’t they?!

For my other Boots Christmas gift choices, I have chosen these Benefit gifts for the ladies that will be joining us on Christmas Day.  For me, the greatest part of gifting at Christmas is giving to those that are always so generous to others.  And these ladies are.  I love having the opportunity to choose gifts for them and these little tree gifts are also perfect for our special Christmas Tree gift traditions.


Benefit Mini PoreFessional Stocking Stuffer £10.50

I know that each of these ladies are big users of the Benefit Mini PoreFessional Smoothing Pore Primer.  This product is a must have for all and the fact that it comes in this handy little size is just perfect.


Benefit Mini PoreFessional Stocking Stuffer


I want each of these ladies, who are both my sisters and friends to receive a gift from me that will make their hearts sing.  Gifts that are beautifully packaged that say ‘this is all about making you feel special’.  The Benefit Stocking Stuffing Stuffers from the Boots Christmas Gifts for Her range will do just that.  The gorgeous packaging makes me smile and I know they will too when they see their gift nestling among the branches of our tree.


Benefit Mini Hoola Stocking Stuffer £12.50


These little gifts are Christmas gold as far as I am concerned. For all of us Benefit lovers on the go, these are handy mini sizes that we can carry in our handbags.

Enter a little Hoo La la on the go go………………….


Benefit Mini Hoola Stocking Stuffer


Who doesn’t love the iconic Bronzing Powder that is Hoola?!  And to find one of these gifts nestling among the twinkling branches of the Christmas Tree – what a genius idea!  And if the colours happen to match the bauble theme then that’s all of our dreams come true this Christmas.


Benefit Mini Bad Gal Bang Mascara Stocking Stuffer £10.50


Benefit Mini Bad Gal Bang Mascara Stocking Stuffer


I know that my girls love their lashes and the Bad Gal Bang Mascara will be no exception.  Again an amazing product from the Boots Christmas range that can be tucked into the handbag and pulled out at a moments notice – for the Bad Gal Bang Mascara lover – what’s not to love?  But just look at the beautiful packaging too!  Whichever way you look at these products they are gorgeous.  The boxes have a lovely pattern all the way around meaning that it doesn’t matter if they spin around on the Christmas Tree.  They also have a little gift tag too for your special Christmas message.  So not only are they great products but they look the part and are great value for money.

I am actually going to hang these on the Christmas Tree and allow my special ladies to choose for themselves on Christmas Day – making this even more of a surprise.

And last but not least with the gifting, my dear friend to whom I shall be gifting the Benefit Confection Cuties Mini Make-Up Trio……………………


Benefit Confection Cuties Mini Make-Up Trio £14.50


Benefit Confection Cuties Mini Make-Up Trio


I can only describe the Benefit Confection Cuties Mini Make-Up Trio as delicious.  With it’s rich divine packaging, it encompasses all that I look for in a gift.  We dream of cakes and confectionery and then when we look inside ………… there is an elegant surprise!


Benefit Confection Cuties Mini Make-Up Trio


Everything about this gift is pure decadence.  From the outer casing to the Benefit products inside.  Again, mini products with the PoreFessional, Gimme Brow and Roller Lash Mascara all tucked neatly in their place.

I feel very lucky to have many special friends in my life.  I have chosen this beauty of a gift for a very special lady who never fails to light up my life.  She brings love, light and laughter to every occasion with her beautiful creative spirit.  She is one of those people that I can talk with for hours about anything and everything and sometimes nothing in particular.  I adore her and I just know that she will adore this gift and all of the products inside.

So what have you got your eye on this season?  Have you considered any of the Boots Christmas Gifts for your loved ones and friends?

I wish you joyful and happy shopping!



This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.  As usual all products have been through the rigorous Not Just the 3 of Us testing criteria!



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