Alana Brushed Copper Mirror

What is it with us and mirrors you ask?

It’s not a vanity thing – honest!  More of a happy coincidence.  Happy that this darling mirror has arrived.

I cannot tell you how many times we have walked into the bathroom to look at ourselves in the tiles.  How can that be?  I would say its habit but it’s a new bathroom.  It never had a mirror.  Still did it though.  Both of us!

And this mirror is a continuation of the copper love affair.  In the same way that one needs Iron from time to time, I also need Copper in my life.

And the bathroom needed it too.


Alana Brushed Copper Mirror


I imagined this mirror in my head.  Both the colour and the shape.  And then it appeared on my Facebook timeline.  My algorithms must be truly aligned to my soul.

I’m not complaining though.  I might just lie back and imagine a nice pile of cash next.

In the meantime, I am content.

The thing with this mirror is that the wrong choice could have totally spoiled the look of the bathroom.

Having opted for the metro tiles on every wall, one could be forgiven for thinking they were in a public lavatory.  A clean public lavatory I hasten to add!

But this was the vision.

We are really pleased with how the bathroom is coming on and there will be a full reveal soon.  We are just not quite ready yet in some areas.


Toilet Roll Holder


This ingenious idea is why I love Iron Man.  Not only is he good with a drill but he leaves me standing in the creativity department.

Having spent weeks chasing the loo roll around the bathroom and bedroom, I find this.  And I have to say that never in a million years would I have thought of hanging the toilet roll from the window.

I guess this goes some way to explaining why he wins trophies for his creativity and I don’t.

Anyway back to my sweetheart.

The bathroom was just calling for copper to warm it up.  But it had to be circular.

There were quite enough squares and rectangles going on and as I often say ‘we needed to mess it up a little bit’.  I cannot stand anything that is ‘too’ matching.


Alana Brushed Copper Mirror


Hence the copper and the green – remember the serviette?!

I wasn’t going to let it lie.  Towels have been procured in the desired colour and we are well and truly ‘messed up’.

What I really love about this mirror is not only the way it reflects the different angles of the room but also how the copper reflects too.




And talking of the drill, I have to give credit where it’s due because there is no way I would have wanted to make the first hole in these tiles.   Once again, step forward Iron Man because you have nerves of steel.  Not only was the positioning crucial but the mirror weighed a ton.  Something that he was well aware of having held it in various places until we had the optimum position!


Alana Brushed Copper Mirror


You can see a cheeky towel lurking in the background here.


Alana Brushed Copper Mirror


So we are almost there.

You will be pleased to know that we also have a real toilet roll holder and a shelf.  Because we do actually need to wash in this room.

And there is also a bit more fluffing up needed to soften the edges and take away the clinical feel.

I feel more copper coming on!

Nicky x

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