I have taken the very brave step of giving our Dining Room a complete colour change.  When I say a complete change, I am talking Ivory to Dark Green.  A pretty big change.  As is often the case, the idea stemmed from an item of soft furnishing – curtains in this case.  That and my passion for all things green.  I have talked of this before in my post 50 Shades of Green.

Because this is to be a particularly dark colour, the key will be in the accessorising.  This is a room that has only ever been a pale shade.  It is a garden facing room and benefits from a fair bit of sunshine.





I took the colour sample thing very seriously this time around as this was to be a bit of a big change and had the potential to be a wrong move. I was taking no chances.  We sat for a while with green splashes and samples in different parts of the room.  It was easy to see how dark the colours looked on different walls so there were to be no surprises.  The main thing to get used to was that this colour did have the potential to make the room very dark.




I mentioned previously that this room benefits from the light and a good view of and access to the garden.  Another benefit is the outdoor window sills which are home to one of my guilty pleasures and seasonal indulgences, the window boxes. The aim here is to make them really bright and get lots of colour going on on the patio as the gardening work progresses. The window boxes are effectively an extension of the room itself.

The painting was done during the first of our mini heatwaves and the decorator was brilliant and incredibly speedy. What he achieved in two days would have taken us far longer.  I was totally surprised to come home on the first day to find the whole room done in its first coat.  He is now on speed dial under ‘people that turn up and do what they say they are going to’.





I opted for a Craig & Rose colour, Pullman Green, more because it provided the colour of choice from all the various match pots. A good choice because the coverage from just one coat was immaculate.





We are delighted with the finish. It is dark (expectedly so) and the room is going to suffer as a result of this but we can live with that.




We have lots of plans for how we are going to accessorise this room. Lighting is going to be key given the change from light to dark and I’m looking forward to choosing some new and different fittings and up lighting.  This was a room that still had wall lights and whilst they were perfect for its previous guises, it was time for them to disappear – ready for a change.

Changing the Layout of a Room

In terms of layout, this room has had a consistent layout through several colour changes.  This is the area that requires the most thought.  Now that the room has been painted, it is good to see it empty and appreciate the size and shape.  Obviously the table is going to play the leading role.  Our existing table has been a real workhorse ands really does not owe us anything.  It’s seen us through many Christmases, toddler Pizza parties and art and craft sessions!

But it seats eight people and there are three of us. We do often have quite a houseful but enough to have a room dominated by a table all year round? Perhaps not. There is potential for a rethink in the form of something extendable. One can’t help think of Christmas at times like this, but even the 8 seater table doesn’t cut the mustard for our crowd. Do we need to get a banqueting table for the other 364 days of the year though?!  One to think about.

It takes a great deal of imagination and a leap of faith to completely reconfigure a room. A rectangle shaped room with a rectangular table keeps things very simple and as intended.  Perhaps!  The creative side is saying otherwise but lets see where that leads.  I’d love a sofa in the window too!





In the spirit of bringing the outdoors inside and working that to complement the room, the aim is to try and blend a little of the outdoors with the indoors.  I’ve got lots of greenery and indoor plants going on in my head.

And in the spirit of getting things when you see them, I’ve made a little start.





But I’m afraid that’s it for the moment.  Curtains and two plants.  Get the priorities sorted!

The rest is under construction but has been usurped by the garden and shed clearance.  Eating outdoors is all the rage at the moment in this house.  The alternative is indoors with a multi-coloured table and the contents of the shed.  Evidence of an ambitious upcycling project on the table gone wrong and the fact that the man shed is seeing out it’s last few weeks with us.

Other than that, everything else has been a victim of eBay (therein lies a few tales).  We do also have some delicious cutlery and side plates – nothing to put them in yet, but it’s on the radar.






As I’ve put my hand up for hosting Christmas we will need to get moving at some point.  I foresee some serious bauble action but I’ll just stop that here as it’s Midsummer’s Day and it’s all about the outdoors for now.




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