Our holiday to Kefalonia and long awaited return to Greece this summer was all about relaxation and family time.  This is something that Greece does so very well.



That’s not to say that our little arms can’t be easily twisted for a bit of an Island Adventure when we hear tales of places like Fiskardo and Argostoli, The Delightful Capital though.  So when our twisted arms and excursion legs get restless, there is only one thing for it.


Lassi Kefalonia


We always like to explore our surroundings by getting a car out for a few days.  Whilst the very hot temperatures suggested that we stay very still by the pool, we would never forgive ourselves if we didn’t partake in a little ‘Island Adventure’.  It can be very easy to just stay within the confines of the resort these days.  So with all parties being agreeable, we set off with the only car available – the smallest and most basic, a Daihatsu Cuore – but it had air-conditioning!  And that is all that we could ask!!


Out and About in Kefalonia


Our destination, Fiskardo in the North of the Island.  The only thing separating us and our little ‘Cuore’ was the coastal roads and mountains between Lassi and the North!


Fiskardo Kefalonia


Fiskardo is reportedly fast becoming the place where the rich and famous are flocking.  All the more reason to get the little Cuore jammed into second gear and round those mountains pronto!

Some of the hills that we encountered suggested that the hire car was powered by a hairdryer but we all had our feet firmly on the virtual accelerator and we made it up and around the mountains and over and out the other side safely.

Greece does love a mountain.  There is always that feeling as the passenger of encouraging the driver to stay on the right, whilst seeing your life flash before your eyes as you get ever closer to the coastal drop.  I have experienced this too many times.  But I’m still here to tell the tale.




Our arrival in Fiskardo coincided with the hottest part of the day and we made our way to the centre in search of refreshment and a glimpse of the port.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


This gorgeous sign left us in no doubt of the way and we made our way down via many beautiful shops and gorgeous alleyways.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


All looking good so far and the beautiful facades of the shops adds to the allure of the mooching experience doesn’t it!


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


On catching a glimpse of the amazing yachts in the port, it’s impossible not to indulge in the favourite pastime of people watching.  The Greek’s are a very stylish and beautiful race.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


There is nothing quite like the blue skies of a hot country alongside the water is there?

Fiskardo at lunchtime was full of life with an amazing choice of eateries in which to refuel.  The wonderful part of being overseas is the way that they do the outdoors.  You will never have to wait for a table outside.


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


When the Sun Settles over the Yardarm!


Spoilt for choice, we settled on the quirkiest and prettiest.  Plenty of shade for the people watching as the sun settled over the Yardarm.  Although strictly speaking, that is generally earlier when on holiday.  Why wait for a cold glass of Rose when you don’t have to!

Especially if the table is ready and waiting.


Fiskardo Kefalonia


There is something about being on holiday that throws the appetite into disarray.  There are no set mealtimes and you can eat several meals as though it is your first.  We found this happened often!  If the stars are aligned and all that …..

We even had company!


Zebra Swallowtail

Zebra Swallowtail


Our journey back dictated a fairly short stay and we had a few places to check out on the way back.  So a few purchases later, we were back in the trusty Cuore for a very hot journey to visit Assos which is said to rival Fiskardo in terms of its beauty.





Assos is on the west coast of Kefalonia and on our way back.  While the heat of the day dictated our movements, we managed to stop in for a look at this truly beautiful little village.


Assos Kefalonia


Assos Kefalonia


Our dip destination of the day was the beautiful Myrtos Bay a little further along the way.  I am afraid to say I wasn’t able to catch a good shot of the bay as we were a little side-tracked.


Mountain Goats


One of the delights of the journey was in seeing a road sign warning of goats.  This made us giggle.  We giggled even more when we did actually encounter the mountain goats.  This chap in particular didn’t have the best of greetings for us.  Of course, the photography is always a little difficult – I mean where does one stop on a mountain road with a steep drop.  The sensible part of the brain tells you to keep going while the camera is willing you to stop and get involved.


Mountain goats in Kefalonia


As Sure Footed as a Mountain Goat!


Kefalonia Mountain Goat


On the basis that this was a rare moment, of course I got involved.

And in the meantime, I highly recommend Fiskardo and all of its loveliness.  In fact, Kefalonia and all of its beauty it definitely one for all of our lists.







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