Frizzy hair

I am a woman of hair.  Big hair.

I have been blessed or perhaps possessed by having very thick hair.  It is wavy but not curly, yet curly when it should be straight.  The devils own combination.

Both curly and straight are not good when faced with moisture.

It’s called not winning.  Those enjoying a hair condition such as mine will know that this kind of hair has the ability to take on dynamic proportions when faced with a drop of moisture.

Couple this with the fact that my locks are also incredibly thick and you’ve quite easily got a good RSI injury on whichever poor wrist that holds the hairdryer.

Pity the poor hairdresser that has to do the blow dry.  That little half hour slot soon goes out of the window.

My hair is a project to be managed.  Wash and go is not an option.

So, any product that claims to be a frizz tamer is worth its weight in gold in my book.

Enter the Aquis Hair Towel.

Aquis Hair Towel


I have had my eye on the Aquis Hair Towel for a while now and as luck would have it, they were at a recent PR day that I attended.

Not only were they giving the towels away but also they were being monogrammed.   How’s your luck!

And how fancy is this!  This is well and truly MY towel.  Let there be no doubt!


Aquis Hair Towel


So what is this little towel all about.

Interestingly, for all those years of research I’ve put into being a frizz head, I have not considered the way I treat my hair when it’s wet.

The Aquis Towel works on the philosophy and science that the hair is at its most vulnerable when wet. When your hair is wet it is delicate, super stretchy and swollen. This is when the damage occurs that is the root cause of many hair problems such as frizz.  Aquis say that it’s important to get it dry fast, but with as little friction as possible.  Hence the absorbent towel.

I will put my hand up and say that I am fresh out of the ‘hard rub’ school when it comes to towel drying.  The very concept of ‘towel dry’ to me implies attacking your hair with a towel for all you are worth.

Happy to stand corrected on this.

The Aquis Hair Towel is made of Aquitex, a fabric woven from ultra-fine fibres creating a lightweight material with super water wicking capabilities.

Source :

I have the Lisse Luxe Hair Towel and I used it for the first time last weekend.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting to happen.  Frizzy haired people are given to expecting great things as well as being used to disappointment.

Of course, I kept twiddling with it as if to speed up the process and I have to say that it’s far more comfortable and lightweight than the trusty, crusty hand towel.  Not sure if it’s a ‘me’ thing but I do tend to use the oldest darkest towels for my hair.  Hence the crusty.  This is partly because of hair colour and make-up coming off on the ‘best towels’.

What I immediately noticed when I took the towel off was that the towel itself was soaking wet, really soaking.  My hair on the other hand  felt really dry – not dry, dry but much drier than it would normally.  I hadn’t had the towel on that long either.

The proof of course is in the hair drying which can and does at times take anything from 45 minutes to 15 hours, depending on where I am going.  For everything else there is a hair tie.

And I have to say, the cynic in me wasn’t expecting too much of a difference.  I’m allowed to be cynical, right?  My ‘frizz’ range bears testament to the million products I have tried over the years.  Only one worked and it was discontinued.  I have felt bitter ever since.

So it with great delight than I am able to say that it took me less than half an hour to perform a ‘going out’ blow dry.  This was most welcome as I was indeed going out and the usual 15 hours wasn’t an option.

The mirror will validate this story as I kept going back to check that it really was dry.  Straight AND dry.  This is key because slightly damp straight hair will always meet its fate.  There is no cutting corners.

And in the way that good fortune favours the brave, I have also stumbled on a few products that are helping to keep it that way – post drying.  You’ve got to throw everything at it haven’t it.  Once you’re up and all that!

The Indent

This also leads me on to my second point.  The Indent.

Behind every frizz head lies a shower hat.  The shower hat would be one of my Desert Island ‘must-have’s’ for sure.

However, the trusty shower hat does have a habit of leaving a nice indent across the front of the hair.  A bit like a human Alice Band.

You will know precisely what I mean, it’s a dent in the hair that runs from ear to ear.  Once it’s there, it’s not going anywhere fast.

Well – another cheeky little solution from Aquis is the Headband.


Aquis Headband


I discovered this little baby in my goody bag when I left the event and I realised that this headband could be the answer to my problem.

As well as being ideal for keeping hair off the face when applying make-up, I also had another use.

Under the shower hat!

Not only does the headband prevent water from seeping through the front of the shower hat, but it also protects the hair from the indent.  I simply place it underneath where the elastic would normally go.  And Voila! – human headband be gone.

Not a bad day on the hair front.

I am also keen to add to my kit and I am on the look out for a hairdryer that has the power of a machine.  Any recommendations from fellow ‘frizzters’ would be most welcome.

And I suppose I should add that the hair towel and headband retail at £30 and £15 respectively.

My thanks to Aquis and Fluorescent PR for these life savers.  Too good not to blog about.

Happy Hair Day!












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