As a family, we do love a bit of a ‘find’.  So when you hear about a place that is literally on your doorstep that you haven’t been to and THEN it ends up in the Secret London’s feed the very same week – you just have to hop in the car and go!  This was the case for us with God’s Own Junk Yard in Walthamstow.


Gods Own Junkyard


With the promise of an on site Cafe ‘The Rolling Scones Cafe’, it’s a shoe in for a Sunday morning visit.


Gods Own Junkyard


Gods Own Junk Yard in Walthamstow, London is described as ‘London’s neon wonderland that is guaranteed to light up your life’.  I am wondering if we are the only locals not to have paid a visit.  I’m happy that we put this right at the weekend.

On the basis that as a family we get pretty excited when discovering a bit of a ‘find’, I’m sharing the information in case you may not have realised that this little treasure was on the doorstep.   Equally, should you find yourself in East London looking for a quirky little venue, you may want to check out God’s Own Junkyard.

It’s perfect for a Sunday mooch and also a great place to take the teens for a few hours.  Something a little different.  Teens are of course optional – but it’s a great filler for a bit of half-term entertainment should you be looking for activities.

After our recent visit to the London Lumiere Light Festival, we certainly managed to light up what might otherwise have been a very grey January.



Gods Own Junkyard


God’s Own Junkyard


God's Own Junk Yard


God’s Own Junk Yard is on the Ravenswood Industrial Estate (off Shernhall Street).  For us, a short car journey.  It is also accessible by means of public transport as you can see from the website.

On arrival, there is no mistaking whether you are in the right place!


God's Own Junkyard


Not quite the weather for an al fresco coffee but why would you – when you are confronted with this on stepping inside!


Gods Own Junk Yard


Mirrored Disco Ball anyone?



With our biggest problem being where to look first, we knew we were guaranteed a few hours worth of investigation in this treasure trove of neon illuminations and memorabilia .  We had a feeling reminiscent of an old Camden Market atmosphere as we got stuck in to exploring what this little place was all about.



So What is it All About?


Gods Own Junkyard


Well, if you are on the look out for a neon sign to buy or hire, then this is your place.   A discussion with one of the sign makers during our visit revealed that this place is also available for hire for parties, weddings and the like.  Imagine that!

But if you are not looking to purchase or book your wedding, this place is packed to the rafters with an abundance of curiosities and neon bric a brac.  It is one of those places where you will notice something new on every turn.  Like this ……



Gods Own Junkyard


With its dazzling collection of vintage pieces, collectibles, film props and vintage and neon signage, there really is no end to what you can find here.

You will find that whilst being very strategically placed, nothing is anywhere in particular.  If only the same thing applied to our piles of junk at home!




Many of the props have been used on film sets and further research into this place revealed that the late owner, Chris Bracey had worked in the neon business for nearly 40 years.  God’s Own Junk Yard continues to be a family-run business.


The Rolling Scones Café


gods own junkyard cafe


As quirky cafes in London go, this one is right up there.  With no two tables the same, it was no surprise to find an extension of the ‘artsy’ theme in the Rolling Scones Café.  No surface untouched – whether by design or ‘happy accident’


Gods Own Junkyard Diner 


There is a good selection of food, drinks and home made cakes to choose from and it’s probably also worth mentioning that you can grab a beer or a glass of wine too should you fancy.  I can see this lending itself quite nicely to a visit later in the day.

We had a perfectly nice (hot) coffee and a few tasty snacks but I’d happily pitch up on my own with a newspaper for a Full English if my arm was twisted.



God's Own Junk Yard diner


God’s Own Junk Yard Opening Times and Address


gods own junk yard


So if you want to visit a quirky venue in London, God’s Own Junk Yard is your place. It is open at weekends from Friday to Sunday (Friday – 11am to 9pm, Saturday – 11am to 9pm, Sunday – 11am to 6pm)

The Rolling Scones Café is also open for food and drinks all weekend.


Address :

Unit 12
Ravenswood Industrial Estate
Shernhall Street
E17 9HQ



I hope you get a chance to visit!  It’s a photography dream.  This post is just a very small glimpse.  The rest – you will simply have to find out for yourself.

As if you need a good reason to visit an Industrial Estate in East London!







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