Little Girl's Fairy Bedroom

I think I must have got a bit frustrated with the time it was taking to get the loft furnished.  Not being able to get the last few bits and all that.

So much so that I got the bit between my teeth and turned my attention to another room.

The spare room.  The box room.  The study.  The baby room.  The junk room.

One room.  Many guises.

This room has certainly seen some action over the years.   It wasn’t until I started to look for photographs to accompany this post, that I realised just how many changes this little room has seen!!

First, the spare room and dumping ground.

Then the Nursery.




We didn’t know we were having a girl and this room was originally beige.  During the first week that we brought our daughter home, we decided to paint it blue!  Well it looks blue.  I think I thought it was green at the time.  Baby brain getting involved a bit there.  And who starts painting with a new baby?  Us!  There was furniture everywhere.  Talk about make it hard for yourself.




The little girly bedroom followed and the first bed.  Lots of love went in to painting and stencilling these little fairies.  You can’t see it in the pictures but there was a dusting of glitter on their wings too.  I did it as a surprise when The Kid started nursery and each day when she came home there was a new fairy.  It seems like forever ago.


Little Girl's Fairy Bedroom


Little Girl's Fairy Bedroom



Little Girl's Fairy Bedroom


Little Girl's Fairy Bedroom


Then a treatment room.  An very old career revived and refreshed when my daughter started school.


Treatment Room


Treatment Room


Now a spare room again with the remnants of the treatment room!


Spare Room


And for the next trick it is to become a proper home office/study.

Having spent years of having the PC on the dining room table where it is constantly out, we have decided it is time for change.

I work from home a lot and Iron Man does occasionally too.  We also have a huge amount of paperwork around the house that could do with coming together in one place once and for all.

I have to say it would be lovely to have a dedicated place to work from.  Where it can be just work and home life stays out of it.  Otherwise the two just overlap don’t they?

It will also be nice to give this room a purpose again.  Other than as a dumping ground.

So without further ado we have cleared it.  When we moved in this room was bright yellow with green skirting boards and grass stencils and a grass green carpet.  It looked amazing.  The previous owners had a little girl whilst we were still a single couple and it didn’t really fit back then.



It has since been beige, pale green, pink and then beige again.

It is now going to be white.  Either white and navy or white and black.  Or it may just be white and a bit of everything. There is no particular scheme or theme.

This time it is action first.  Design second.

For now the whole room needs a covering of white.  Everything else can go from there.

I’m setting myself the challenge of having it done in the next two weeks.  This means that we can get in and start using it.  I’m making myself accountable here aren’t I?  Challenge accepted!

No point hanging around now that I’ve got the bit between my teeth.

You will notice from the pictures that there is also a wooden ceiling in this room.  We have retained this purely for ease.

When we moved into this house in 2001 it was almost entirely decked out with wood, every ceiling and half way up every wall was tongue and groove panelling.

As the house needed complete rewiring, we had all of the wood removed and the whole house re-plastered – bar this room.

The ceiling in this little room is actually quite cute so we don’t mind too much.

We also have the lovely original corner fireplace with the original floor tiles.  Such a gorgeous feature.  We are grateful that it wasn’t ripped out over the years.  Two others in the house were removed along with the chimney breast prior to our arrival.  We still have three left throughout the house though and they do add such character.


Original Fireplace


We also have the lovely shelving which my husband made especially for my treatment room which I stained to the right colour.  They are currently being used as bookshelves and I hope that we can pop them back and continue to use them.

I see no reason not to get this room painted fairly quickly.

Let’s see how we go.

Do you have a room that has gone through as many changes as this in your house?




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