It was with absolute delight that I had the opportunity to interview local Contemporary Artist Charlotte Posner recently.

Charlotte’s artwork has been popping up on my Social Media feed for some time and I was so drawn to her designs that I started to follow Charlotte’s work across all of the Social Media channels.


Charlotte Posner Pop Dolls


You may also have seen Charlotte Posner’s work.  The iconic ‘Pop Dolls’ are easily recognisable as Charlotte’s work.  The Flamingo Girls pictured below are one of the first pieces that I saw.


Charlotte Posner Flamingo Girls


On realising that Charlotte lived locally, I made contact to meet with her and get to know more about her work.

I also have to confess that the thought of seeing Charlotte’s artwork in real life was going to be a real swoon worthy opportunity.

Charlotte is the daughter of the Posner family that own the Interior Design business in South Woodford. Charlotte’s father took over the running of the business 65 years ago from his own father and the shop has been on our High Street for many years.

So, a very creative family.

I met Charlotte at her home where she was working on an artwork commission for a customer in Germany.


Meeting Charlotte Posner


Charlotte Posner


A beautiful piece of personalised artwork based on the Pop Doll design.

Each commission is hand-painted by Charlotte using pen and ink and then completed with acrylic paint.


Charlotte Posner Artist


So much detail had already gone into this piece of art.  Each doll personal to a family member.  Incredible isn’t it.


Charlotte Posner Commission


Unsurprisingly, Charlotte’s artwork was present around the house.  Each piece unique in its own way.  I felt very privileged to be able to snap away to my hearts content.


Plam Tree Pop Dolls Charlotte Posner


We chatted over a coffee and Charlotte talked of her journey into the art world.  A pupil at both a local primary and secondary school, Charlotte’s dyslexia saw her naturally drawn towards creativity rather than academia.  Taking her passion to art school, Charlotte continued on her artistic career.



We talked about how it can be difficult as a creative to put your work out there in the public eye and Charlotte said that she never compares herself to others –  “every Artist is unique in their own way”.  She has always followed her ‘do you’ mantra, as in keeping on doing what you do well and follow your passion.  Don’t try to be anyone else.  You have just got to keep plugging away.  Reach out and ask.  The results will follow.


Make Up Pop Dolls


And, of course, alongside being an Artist, Charlotte has also made the very rapid transformation to being a business owner too.  Charlotte describes herself as a ‘self taught’ business woman.  We had a great chat about how ‘learning on the job’ is the best way to develop the skills needed to run a successful business and how rapidly these skills are acquired.

All business owners will be familiar with this journey.  That of being the business owner and the staff.  A role where we ‘don’ many hats to ensure the smooth running of our business.



When asked about the Pop Dolls, Charlotte describes them as being all shapes and sizes, all very different and each of them with unique expressions.  She sees them as being representative of all women.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any male Pop Dolls.   Take this one of the Chelsea Football Team for example.  A charitable piece that is signed by all of the players.


Charlotte Posner Chelsea Football Team Pop Dolls


I cannot fail to be amazed at the level of detail that goes into each piece of work.  The ideas behind Charlotte’s creativity are astounding.

This painting is based on the 2017 Louis Vuitton handbag collection mixed with iconic paintings and a ‘Pop Doll’ twist.



This piece has to be one of my favourites (if it were possible to choose).  I am mesmerised by the detail.  Just look at this close up of the original.  Every time I look I see detail that I hadn’t previously noticed.  This time it’s the textured look on the bags.



You can certainly see why Charlotte’s work lends itself to great collaborations.  In fact, one of the first of Charlotte’s successful Pop Doll creations was the Magnificent Pop Dolls.  If you look closely, you can also see Charlotte wearing her own Pop Doll pendants on her necklace.


Magnificent Pop Dolls


And we all know someone that would love these don’t we!


Chocolate Pop Dolls


And these!  Charlotte’s favourite childhood sweets.


Hello Sweetie


And this one contains many household favourites!


Mr Kipling Cakes


Recognise these?


Photographic Credit : Charlotte Posner


And it’s not just the Pop Dolls in case you were wondering.  Charlotte’s skills extend far wider.  Here is a glimpse of some of Charlotte’s other work.

Charlotte’s artwork was displayed in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2013.  Another great accolade.





I could have poured over the detail of Charlotte’s artwork forever but this girl had work to get on with and so did I.  So one last picture for the ladies …………



And this fabulous print that Charlotte painted as part of a collaboration with Pink Parcel for their monthly subscription boxes.  Can you see what it is?


Photographic Credit : Charlotte Posner


I will certainly be adorning our walls with some of these pieces.  My gallery wall project is soon to be under way.  The only problem being – which one to choose!

Have you come across Charlotte’s artwork before?  Do you have a favourite?

Here is a link to Charlotte’s website where you can order prints and jewellery based on the Pop Dolls.


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