Kinesiology.  Now here’s a thing.  We’ve all heard of it. But what exactly is it?

Kinesiology is one of the alternative therapies that I’ve never really understood. And when we aren’t quite sure about these things, we can tend to dismiss them or take no further interest. After all, there are so many natural and alternative therapies vying for our attention.

Our cynical side often prefers to stick with what we know when it comes to our bodies and health.

At best my understanding of Kinesiology was that it was something to do with muscle testing.  How and why being the missing bits.

My encounter with a Kinesiologist is best described as a happy accident. As part of my blog, I get to spend a lot of time with business owners.  This was how I met Dusanka Popovska of Health Harmony – me chatting about blogging and her Kinesiology.



We decided that the only way I would truly understand her work was to have a session with her.

Believe me, that when I say I had no idea what to expect, this is no exaggeration. However, always hungry to understand and learn something new, I went to my appointment.  I was duly armed with medication, supplements and any foods that I felt may not agree with me.



First, a brief consultation and a run through of any problem areas and medication.  I won’t bore you with my medical history as we could be here all day but let’s just say that an ongoing problem for me for many years has been my digestive system (that’s probably me and half the population!).  It just so happened that leading up to my appointment, I had an ongoing unexplained flare up.

My intrigue was really fired up now and it was now time to get started.

Because I wanted to write about my findings and share them, I asked a lot more questions than I’m sure a regular client would but that’s because I like to cover all bases.  Particularly as lots of people were interested in my findings. It seems it’s not just me that was curious.  Also, when it comes to alternative therapies we can often be coming from a position of cynicism, even if we don’t mean to be.  Because we don’t know if it’s going to work, let alone what it actually is.

Anyway, I get to lie down and ask the questions so all is good.

I am surrounded by many boxes of oils and supplements and I am to find out what the purpose of these are.



The Principles of Kinesiology


Dusanka explained that the principle of Kinesiology is to carry out muscle testing to see where imbalances are coming from.  Different muscles in the body relate to different organs.  Tests are carried out on the physical (body structure and muscles), the chemical (nutrition and toxins), the mental (emotions and thoughts) and the energetic aspects of the body.




Kinesiology  works very much on the ‘energy’ from our bodies.  I attempt to explain my understanding a little further here but have also added an excerpt from Dusanka’s website, which gives a little more information.

When we hear talk of ‘energy’ in our bodies, it relates to things like the Chakras, Auras and the Meridians in the body.  For the cynic, this does mean that there is a bit of a ‘woo woo’ side to the consultation BUT we are hearing more and more about these things.   Whether we choose to buy in to them or not, is up to us –  this is very much our choice.  But there is evidence to suggest that they do exist.

And the whole thing in Dusanka’s words …………………….


And So to the Testing …………..


Dusanka commences with the muscle testing.  To explain, this involves an exercise of testing resistance in different areas of the body.  Areas of imbalance are identified by the levels of resistance.  You can see an example of the testing below.



Truly fascinating, as once the resistance is established, Dusanka is then able to start placing supplements on the body to address the imbalance.  Obviously we know in my case that there are issues in the digestive system.

Throughout the process, different supplements are placed on the body (yes that is how it’s done), the muscle is then further tested to see whether there is an improvement.  This is followed by a process of further elimination and testing to identify which supplements are a priority.  Lymphatic Massage is also carried out to simultaneously improve the imbalance.  The final test should give a good resistance indication to ensure that a solution has been successful.  You can really feel the difference in the resistance here as Dusanka carries out the tests before and after.

This process is continued as various test are carried out in different ways.  Lots of focus on the abdominal area for me.



In terms of the my digestive system, it seems that there has been a real party going on.  The thing being, that I could relate to the theory behind everything that Dusanka suggested.

So much so that I’ve heeded some of Dusanka’s recommendations immediately.  I think you know yourself when something isn’t working but it’s easier to carry on rather than investigate alternatives.



I’m prepared to acknowledge that the acid-supressing meds I have taken for 13 years, are no longer doing the job for which they were intended.  My tests showed that rather than having too much acid, I didn’t have enough.  This has subsequently had an effect on my entire digestive system and caused knock on symptoms as a result.  One of which is abdominal swelling and a tendency to never feel full.  I can eat a huge meal and feel like I’m starving.  Hallebloodyluya!  I thought I was just greedy.  It also explains weight gain and inability to lose it.  Now we’re talking!

And so on with testing of the mental and energy systems.  Dusanka introduced Bach rescue remedies and essential oils for balancing emotions and blockages and made further recommendations.  I managed to suppress my temptation to yell ‘just give me the box’!!!



I feel like I’ve really had a good MOT and service by the end of the treatment and I am all ears as Dusanka reports back her findings during the treatment.  Dusanka is very professional and I felt very safe and cared for during the treatment.  That’s another important thing for me with these treatments, you need to have full confidence in your Therapist.  Dusanka had mine.

Here is a little photograph of my stash of recommendations.  Dusanka also follows up with a full report of her findings so that you can start to work with using supplements and potentially reducing medication.  As always, this would need to be done in consultation with a GP.



Within my stash are also things like Castor Oil and Epsom Salts.  Castor Oil to assist with inflammation in the intestines and detoxing the liver and Epsom Salts for it’s multiple benefits – one of which is detoxing and clearing.  As these are for external use (in my case), there is no reason why I can’t give them a try.

I shall be looking forward to my full report so that I can think about how I may implement some changes.  I am also planning a follow-up session with Dusanka to see how things are improving.  I will report back on this, otherwise I am only giving half of the story.  As always, if I’m going to make a recommendation or talk about a service, then it has to have gone through the rigours of the Not Just The 3 of Us school of testing. Otherwise, there is no point.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and that it has shed some light on Kinesiology for the ‘beginner’.  I look forward to sharing more of my findings in due course.  In the meantime if you are interested in finding out more, there is a link to Dusanka’s website, Health Harmony here.   I will also forward any queries in the comments to Dusanka to answer from her expert perspective.