You will remember in previous posts how I talked of having a very high ceiling area in the new loft hallway area.  And my comment on pendant lighting opportunities for this area.  The choice of lights for this area was something we were really excited about.


Loft stairwell


Well, we decided that this was something we left until last.  Primarily because we wanted to see how the hallway looked post décor and carpet.  But also because lighting can be very expensive.  We wanted something that would be right for the space without having to spend a small fortune.  Equally, because it is such a high ceiling, anything too small would have just looked lost and insignificant.

As is often the case with these things, you always see things when you aren’t looking.  For us this happened to be on a Christmas shopping day.  And because I can, I whipped out my phone to take a photograph so I could have a bit of a match up when we came home.



It’s always pleasing when you spot THE one.  We have opted for a modern look in the hallway and chandeliers and overly fussy would just have looked out of place.

With our beige walls and black on the stairs this looked like the perfect choice.  And after a bit of due diligence to make sure the sizing worked, we took a punt on ordering it.  The good thing about this light is that it had a smaller version which would be suitable for our other hallway lights.

There was only one man for this job which, as luck would have it, wasn’t Spider-Man it was our 6′ 5″ electrician.  What a find he was!  Not only was he easily able to fit it but we also knew that if didn’t hit him on the head as he went up the stairs, then the rest of us were OK.  How’s your luck!

The actual light fitting is a metre long which gives an idea of the height of the ceiling.



I have a bit of a love affair going on with copper so have managed to incorporate this in a subtle way too.



And as for the skinny ceiling I mentioned, the single version of the light was the perfect size.




And for the downstairs too.  Although I am thinking we could get away with a bigger one here too.  I have my beady eye on the sale just now.



I’m glad we waited and didn’t just choose something for speed.  Now there is a bit of copper going on with the black, I am eyeing up some picture frame options.  These walls are going to take some filling.  Another one for the later list.

And here’s a sneaky peak from the bedroom looking out.



Even better was that the light was reasonably priced.  We have seen some VERY expensive lights and I was thinking I might have to knock one up from coat hangers.

Hopefully, the bulbs will last a good while too as I can see some fun and games when it comes to changing them.  Human pyramids could be the order of the day.

I am also hoping that January will see the price go down even more just in case we want to snap up another one.

Pretty please!

Nicky x

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