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Credit : Model : Adele Roche,  Photographic studio : Andrew Wood Photography, Manchester

Let there be tights!

The more the merrier I say.  As our little legs negotiate these harsh winter months, tights are a key item to our outfits on chilly days like today.


Divine Legs Tights


You all know how passionate I am about small business.

And how I love to rave about good service and those businesses that go the extra mile.

So imagine receiving an email from the Head of Customer Happiness.

Well I did!

How cool is that!

As luck would have it at the Stylish Live show last year, my name was picked out to receive a gift pack from Divine Legs.

Divine Legs was a company exhibiting at the show.  They were exhibiting tights – funnily enough!  Not just any old tights but tights that are sent to you by post when you sign up for their subscription box.


60d black seamless tights

Credit : Photographic studio : Andrew Wood Photography, Manchester.


And that is a novel idea if ever there was one.

Surely I’m not the only one that winces when they pull on the last pair of tights from the drawer.  You know the pair, they are the ones that should have gone in the bin – NOT the laundry basket.  We’ve all got that pair, right?

And it’s that all important moment when it dawns on you that the tights aren’t wearable – and there is no alternative. Because, once again you’ve forgotten to stock up.

And it’s generally the day when you REALLY need to look the part.

So the concept of tights arriving in the post ready for when you need them is, I have to say, a blooming good idea.

This idea is the brainchild of Christine Nicholson, the founder of Divine Legs and the reason – well – precisely because of the problem I mentioned above.  Being caught out in the tights department.


Christine Nicholson Divine Legs


The Divine Legs website is also right up my street because it’s simple.  Shopping for tights isn’t.  Unless you are a pro. Choosing from the thousands of hosiery products available can be a little daunting and more importantly time consuming.

What really struck me with this business though is the lady behind it.  Because in terms of service, she has excelled. Excelled to the extent that it made my day.

Christine tracked me down to let me know I’d won the prize after several emails went to spam.  I chose some tights to try out and they were with me the next day.  Pretty impressive.

After trialling the tights, it appeared that I could have done with a bigger size.  Don’t you just love December for that.


Beyond Comfort Seamless 60D tights (Black)



Christine insisted on replacing the tights during the busy Christmas rush and once again they arrived next day.

I kept the package and only got round to opening it last week.  And I found this inside


Divine Legs Tights


And that sums this business and Christine up.  Happy hosiery and customer happiness.

I wasn’t asked to review the tights here on the blog but everything about the company and Christine made we want to do just that.

I chose the Black Seamless Opaque Tights in 60 Denier (Price £9)


60d black seamless tights

Credit : Model : Adele Roche,  Photographic studio : Andrew Wood Photography, Manchester.


and the Classy Black 70 Tights in 70 Denier (Price £16.13).




The website is very easy to select from and, as I have already said, the delivery was next day.

The products come in a lovely box and are beautifully wrapped inside.  It’s packaging that makes you feel special before you open it.


Divine Legs Subscription Box


And the most important thing in my book is comfort.  My choices reflect the fact that I am a bit of an opaque tight lover, especially at this time of the year.  What I really like about the Diving Legs tights is how soft they are to the touch and how comfortable they feel when they are on.

I do find that some of the High Street brands can sometimes feel a bit crispy and ‘thin’ when you put them on and they are often vulnerable to snags.

One can also feel quite vulnerable on arriving at their destination to find their tights are halfway down their legs.  Yes it happens.

Spending all day pulling them up to a comfortable and safe position is not my idea of fun so I am pleased to report that the Divine Legs tights stay put.   In precisely the place for which they were intended.   There is plenty of material for the ‘up and over’ if you get my drift and that is also very welcome in my book.

I thoroughly recommend a look at Christine’s website.  Not only is she a very interesting lady with a fabulous business idea but she also reveals how 40% of her customers are male.  You can check it out here on The Divine Legs Blog.

Couple all of this with a 100% money back guarantee and I have to say I am very impressed with the Divine Legs service.

So Christine, all that remains is for me to say, thank you I am very ‘happy with my hosiery’!

All of the links to the Divine Legs Website are included above.

Nicky x

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