New Year

All is now well with the world.

The Lightbox letters have been replaced and the original set found so we are all set to go for 2017.  We have all the letters we could possibly need!

And having weighed myself down with 200 New Year’s Resolutions every year and signing up to every possible motivational planner that appears on my timeline, I’ve decided to keep it very simple this year.

Simple and effective.

I am a crazy mad fan of January.  I love the idea and feel of all of the possibility that is around as the New Year approaches.  I find it incredibly exciting.  We have some lovely things to look forward to this year.

I also love the fact that it’s cold and crisp and that there is a good showing of blue skies and sunshine so far.  It feels like we are in the right season for the time of year.




But trying to cruise through January laden down with a list is just not happening for me this year.

Don’t get me wrong I do love a motivational quote.  I’d have an outfit made out of them if I could.  These will stay, they fit the keep it simple rule.

But, of course, the difficulty with setting too many resolutions is keeping them going once the jolly wonderment and the romance of the New Year wears off.

And I don’t want to have to name and shame myself.

So this is my plan.

Just a few words.

Change.  Action.  Spontaneity.  Choice.

And as with any resolution, they are all entirely possible.

Providing I get involved and participate.

Because you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

And I reckon that’s it.  I think this year is going to be about action.  Taking action.

For me and my famalam this year is also very much going to be about change.

Not ‘The Change’ in case you are wondering.    Just change in general.

This extends to the three of us as the tween will go off to secondary school, I get to have a special birthday and Iron Man will continue to upskill as he eyes up the the main prize in the Crafthole Flower Show.

And I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say there is a little apprehension around some of these changes.



I cannot tell you how much I howled on The Kid’s first day back to school in September.  The thought of it being the last September we will make that journey hit home.  It came right out of the blue but these things happen.

It just felt sad.

Of course I wasn’t expecting to be bowled over by such emotion but neither was I expecting to be pulled through a hole in the roof by a young man when I got home.

That’s where the spontaneity part comes in!

Sometimes change is thrust upon us and sometimes it’s about choice.

For me this year is also about choice.  I have lots of aspirations and with that comes change and uncertainty.

And I’m ready.

And this year, as much as I love my ‘cosmic jukebox’ as Iron Man affectionately refers to my love of personal development, it’s all about action.

Because we can set as many goals as we like but quite often we aren’t so clear about how to achieve them.

That can often be where despondency sets in.

And why accountability is so important.

Someone to keep you on track.  Especially with the things that you know you have to do but keep putting off.

Often through fear or perhaps not knowing the outcome.   We’ve all been there – right?

Equally we all need a bit of tweek from time to time.  It keeps things rolling along.

The blog is very much a feature of life now.  I have learned what works and what doesn’t and the industry continues to evolve.

I know the direction that I want the blog to go in and I’m holding out.   There are many parts of the blogging world that appeal and some that don’t.  For me this year is about concentrating on the things that work with my brand and content.  I shall also be looking to support my blog with a part-time role that ticks all the right boxes.

It’s also about getting my show back on the road.  As our parenting landscape changes, I will be needed in different ways and at different times.  And there is a whole lot more lovely to come.  For all of us.

This year will also be about encouraging independence.

Because we shall be preparing The Kid for her exciting new journey to secondary school.

And the spontaneity part?

Well Christmas is the perfect example of that really, isn’t it?



The unexpected taps on the door from those we don’t often see and the opportunity to do the same to others.  Keeping in touch isn’t just for Christmas and neither is being spontaneous.  Time will also be in short supply but it can often be a barrier when we find ourselves being busy ‘being busy’.  Some of the best get-togethers are borne out of spontaneity.

So that’s it.  New journeys and little steps.  These will no doubt be diluted with the odd glass of Prosecco.

And what about you?

Are you a resolution maker or perhaps another word of the year fan (or words in my case)?


New Year


I couldn’t help but have a little look around to see how the New Year’s Resolutions all started and unsurprisingly it was many years ago and reportedly started with the Babylonians, nearly 4,000 years ago.  Promises were made to the gods to pay debts and return any borrowed objects.  To fail to  keep a resolution would be to fall foul of the gods favour.

I guess we have it easier now but do we still place the same pressures on ourselves with our own goals?

All very interesting don’t you think?

So do resolutions work for you and how you keep them?

Whatever your goals, I wish you luck.





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