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Imagine my delight to receive an invite from a blogging buddy to join her as a VIP guest at the Living etc House Tours last week.

I got a little bit over excited by this as I am sure you can imagine given my love of all things home and the fact that we are currently mid loft conversion.  Well actually – I was dancing on my new taps!

We all love to look at other peoples homes and ideas, generally by way of magazines, TV or online. So to be invited to look around seven fabulous homes in South West London for real was just pure delight for me.

Not just a sneaky peak through the window but a real look around.

Our tour started in Clapham where we met and studied our map of the homes we were to visit.

Here we are at our designated first house with an obligatory door selfie!


The first thing that struck me is that even the best homes have skips and evidence of building work going on. 

Having been the owner of a skip and scaffolding for a wee while, I was comforted to see this outside someone else’s home.  It made me feel a bit normal.

Living etc House Tours

So these generous people, many designers, had opened up their fabulous homes for readers of the magazine to wander around and look at their jaw-droopingly gorgeous interiors.

And gorgeous they were too.

Some of these homes are to be featured in forthcoming editions of Living etc and I thoroughly recommend a look.  You will be drooling.

If you have ever watched ‘Through the Keyhole’ with Lloyd Grossman, you will understand exactly how we felt wandering around these homes imagining ‘who would live in a house like this’!

I know I would certainly like to live in homes like theirs.

Living etc House Tours

There is nothing quite like seeing how other people do things is there – in real life.

We can swoon over the magazines but a real life swoon is so much better.

When you are mid makeover in your own home, you notice things that wouldn’t usually be on your radar – especially in loft rooms.

Little bits of detail can suddenly produce light bulb moments.  Albeit our new room would probably fit into those that we saw at least 52 times.

And the detail. 

We all love a bit of quirky and a colour mix up and there was plenty on offer. 

How I loved this gorgeous room.  It was one of my faves and I just adore the colours.

Living etc House Tours

Quite rightly photography was not permitted in most of the houses.  Luckily though in one of my favourite houses, it was.

And then the fabulous ideas that people have – check out this paper roll in the kitchen. 

So simple yet so useful and it looks good too. 

You’d never forget anything with one of these on the wall.

Living etc House Tours

And this has thrown me into a quandary.  Coloured stairs rail and spindles.  I keep seeing it and I’m liking it and wondering if I need to do this with our stairs.  

Living etc House Tours

I love this look.  Quite a big change from white on the stair rails.  Not so good if you change your mind though!

And sometimes it’s the simplest things that provide great solutions.

Tidy area

Why have I never thought of this?

All those key-rings and little bits that kids love to keep.

Seven houses and seven hours later we arrived back at Clapham Junction station feeling totally inspired after a wonderful day.

We also did a lot of walking and our little tootsies were more than ready for a soak by the time we arrived home.

With thanks to Living etc and all the homeowners for a wonderful day.

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