Loft Staircase

In my recent post in the Loft Conversion series Part 1, I talked of our visit to the roof to examine things after the ‘first-fix’.

Not too much to see at that stage – mainly beams.

That was just over a week ago.

And what a difference a week makes in the world of loft conversions.

You wouldn’t believe the progress.  Well you will because I’m going to show the pictures.

We have gone from a beam and lots of fresh air to the ceiling being knocked through, the staircase installed and walls, floors, ceilings and windows fitted.

Oh my.  What a change.

We were told to expect the worst in terms of mess when the ceiling was knocked through and to stay out for the day.  I have to say that when we came back, you wouldn’t know it had happened.  The place was spotless.


Loft Conversion


I can’t decide if the pictures are dusty or it’s the PC screen – bear with me, normal cleaning service will resume in a couple of months.

We had no idea the landing ceiling was going to be so high.  So delighted with that.  The pendant opportunities are endless.  I am finding this very exciting.

Here we have a little bit of bathroom and the tiles.  As I said it’s all about visualisation!


Loft Conversion Roof Bathroom


That’s the floor tiles.

And, here’s how they look in a real bathroom! Loft Conversion Loft Bathroom

And the Metro tiles as per my original wish list.

Metro Bathroom Tiles


The detail is in the grouting.  It HAS to be grey grouting.  Otherwise the world will literally stop.

No high flush and marble sink as I mentioned previously.  But the alternatives are just fine.

And windows.  Remember – imagination is the key!  I’ve already jumped forward to curtains.  This really is moving quickly.


Loft Conversion Windows


And a little less imagination needed here.   Nice bit of cupboard space too!


Loft Conversion Windows


One thing I do know throughout this process is that things can move very quickly and you haven’t always thought far enough in advance to answer some of the design questions or be ready to make a purchase.

For this reason I have done a handy tips post which covers some of the points that I would have liked to have had a long think about.

Next up is bedroom.  I have a little bit of an idea but more on that next time.

Let the 2nd fix commence.

Sorry about the dust!


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