I wrote recently in the Loft Conversion Series Part 2 about how things were starting to take shape in the loft.

Well things are really, really moving now and I almost can’t blog fast enough.

Here we are complete and ready for plastering.

And ta da …… here we are plastered.

I have to say that the team have thus far surpassed our expectations in terms of professionalism and workmanship.

For a start, the whole build has been done with the temperature at heatwave level all bar one day.  I am staggered at how these guys have kept going, I really am.  I have never seen people work so hard.

We are fully windowed up and the whole area is ready for the carpenter to work some magic and all of the nice stuff like bathroom and floor laying is imminent.

My absolute fave window is the dome at the top of the stairs.  In fact I love the whole staircase and the height.  So unexpected.

Peter Pan will have to change the light bulbs and clean the windows as I’m not sure who might be suitably deft of foot in the current household.  All in the name of pendant lighting or large light shades!

Of course, this has given rise to some very speedy decision making in terms of how the bedroom will look.

Faced with such a challenge, I have done what any sensible parent would do and chosen predominantly white with silver and grey.

I’ve also been a bit risky and gone for a white floor too.  It just wouldn’t have worked any other way.

Steered by a picture I saw on Pinterest, I have set out to recreate the look.  Stark white with silver tones that I can accessorise beyond my wildest dreams.

Lots of room to experiment with colours, prints and textures.  This will be absolute heaven for me.  When it comes to an accessory, I just dance with excitement.

Because of the colours I have chosen, I can really be bold and experiment with introducing colour or keep it simple with neutrals and lots of textures.

I’ve started to put together a bit of a mood board to bring some ideas together.  You can see there are pops of colour here and there.

I do like to mix colours and styles so we will see where this leads.

All ideas at the moment.

How do you go about making choices?  Do you ever do mood boards to help make a decision?

One thing I do know is that I’m going to have to get some copper involved somehow.  I just love the way it looks alongside silvers and greys.

You can probably guess what I’m going to be doing over the next week.

This post is already so last week – things are moving very quickly.

Until next time.


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