Woo hoo!!

The scaffolding is down and the skip is history.  That skip that just kept on giving.  To everyone.

We are done. The build is complete.  There are a few little bits to be done as you would expect but our crusty old roof is soon to be a bedroom.

For the first time in six weeks, I have no men in my house!!!!

But we do have a new room with floors and doors and ceilings and skirting boards.

We have electrics and water and all those things that real rooms have.

And I cannot believe it.

I also cannot believe that someone is coming to clean all of the windows and the outside of the house.  All part of the job.  It does look pretty dirty as you would expect.

I am looking forwarding to meeting this real life Spider-Man.  He might just make it on to my speed-dial list.

Move over Iron Man!


The Bedroom


The white flooring is down and I hope that I don’t live to regret it.  A few white rugs – that’s what we need!  And a good clean.

And if it’s possible to be pleased with a door and skirting boards – we are.


Doors and skirting boards


The carpenter has worked his magic and we have a nice bit of storage for loft things.

And I can get to them without a tightrope.




In fact I can snake all the way through and out of the other end caterpillar style.

And the stairs, nice bit of carpentry skill here.

Visualise the pendant and breath!




And the bathroom is almost there.  A sneaky peak in the meantime …….




Not that we will be drying our bits and pieces on a serviette mind.  But the inspiration has got to come from somewhere.  And if it’s a serviette, then so be it.

It’s all about the colour.  Please note that all colours are subject to variation.  Not the tiles though.  They are going nowhere.  Towels are the curve ball on this occasion.  And blinds.

I’m delighted with the bathroom, it’s exactly what I had in mind.

Let’s hope the bedroom works too.

We have a little break before the decorating starts which means there will be nothing to report for a while so I will be back on the job in around a month.

And the new tenants (us) may even have moved in by then.



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