Having teased you with the delights of our homemade Strawberry & Lavender Gin in our recent picnic hamper, I though it was only fair to share the recipe here too.

Gin is really having it’s moment isn’t it.  I am marvelling at all of the different Gin products available – so many wonderful flavours.  Coupled with Gin Festivals, Gin hotels, a Gin train and Gin experiences galore, we are well and truly catered for in the Gin department aren’t we.

Knowing that many of you are discerning Gin lovers, it would be selfish of me not too allow you into the secret of Iron Man’s special brew.



Strawberry & Lavender Gin



400ml Gin
250g Strawberries
100g Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp Dried ‘Culinary’ Lavender
1/4 of a Vanilla Pod


Find yourself a wide rimmed (at least wide enough to get a Strawberry in!) 1 litre or so bottle or jar with a lid. Cut the Strawberries in half and put them in the jar. Cut the 1/4 of a Vanilla Pod in half lengthways and add that to the jar too (not the end of the world if you don’t use the Vanilla, this can be left out if preferred). Drop in the sugar and Lavender and top up with the Gin. Give it a stir and put the lid on.

Now the wait!

Leave it somewhere dark and warmish for two weeks, giving it a little shake every day (don’t forget – this helps to dissolve the sugar).

Finally, strain it through a sieve, or a coffee filter, or just a piece of kitchen roll and bottle it.

And it’s good to go.

I understand that it’s really easy to make. It certainly makes a great addition to a summer picnic!


Strawberry & Lavender Gin


I am told by an ‘Expert’ that the key is being able to produce a product where the Lavender doesn’t saponify.  We are not sure whether the use of ‘culinary’ Lavender is what made the difference here.  That’s one for a bit more research.

The Gin is very sweet and can be drunk neat if desired.  We prefer to mix it with Prosecco.  Another suggestion is to add Lemonade.

I also enclose a link to last years Sloe Gin making success – one for the Autumn should you fancy!