Silver Dressing Table

You may have wondered whatever became of the loft conversion.

Admittedly, there have been no after pictures.   Yet!

These things take time.  There was I thinking that it would be done and dusted in a week when actually that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course it’s decorated and open for business with the essentials – namely a bed and a few bits.  But you realise once you start that being a completely new space means that you have absolutely nothing to go in it.  Nothing.

It’s a bit like moving in to your first home and realising that there is no tin-opener or anything of practical use.

So we are kind of living between two rooms at the moment and gradually getting there.  It’s almost like we are sleeping in someone else’s house or on holiday!  What fun.  No visit from the maid yet unfortunately though!

And after the first priority of a bed, mattress and bedding, comes a dressing table of course!  It’s all a matter of priorities – I mean how is Iron Man supposed to do his hair and make-up without one?

We had very clear ideas about the things we wanted but generally you can’t always find what you have in your minds eye.

With the exception of this little beauty.  I wanted to do a little dance when I discovered it because it looked just perfect for the little area I had in mind.



It’s not huge, as you can see but it’s perfect for the corner which was the plan.  With a slightly old fashioned look it blends well with the modern décor we have chosen.

You can also see a sneaky bit of the wallpaper on the feature wall and a bit of curtain.  The curtains were actually the first purchase as I had already seen them and knew what we wanted.  Grey crushed velvet.  And it always helps when they have the right size.  I particularly wanted them extra long so that we could have a ‘puddle’.  I am reliably informed this is the correct terminology for the ‘extra bit’.  No joy with tie-backs yet so they just ‘hang’ – a bit like what curtains are supposed to do.  It’s just that I want them to hang in a different way!



When you order things online, you can never be sure that they will be the colour they look but as luck would have it, it matched perfectly in a not too ‘twee’ kind of way.  And it is just the trick.

It also has a couple of cheeky drawers – not huge, but handy.


Silver Dressing Table


And on the subject of priorities – the all important purchase of a matching make-up bag!


Silver Make-Up Bag


No storage boxes available that match yet though.  I mean where does one keep their hairdryer?  The hairdryer that is generally always laying across the floor next to the plug with all the brushes.  Yes that’s the one.

I found a little temporary solution in the meantime  ……………


Hairdryer Storage


And before you gasp at how tidy I am, please be aware that I had a jolly good tidy up for the purpose of these photographs.

On a normal day, you will find my dressing table covered with all the same things that reside on your dressing table, lids off, brushes out and hairdryer scattered across the floor.  A towel and a shoe will generally also be in the immediate vicinity.

And I will happily forego a bit of a lipstick in favour of my new favourite toy – which just has to be changed every single day.

I haven’t missed a day yet.




So that’s a bit of a sneak preview with more to follow as we stock up and start to make this space part of our home.

No rush.

Nicky x


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