There are Peony posts, Peony pictures and Peony love everywhere at the moment.  It’s their time to shine.

And who doesn’t love a Peony?!


Sarah Bernhardt Peony



It’s that time of year when we have a brief window to surround ourselves with cut Peonies.  I use the word ‘surround’ loosely because they aren’t cheap are they?  Worth it though.  Even one or two stems are just fine.

I’ve realised this year that Peonies hold a special significance for many of us .

That during their short window in May & June – they signify lots of happy things for different people.

Weddings and births seem to be among some of the lovely significant moments.  They are very romantic flowers and they do look absolutely stunning as a wedding bouquet.  And the smell is divine.

Having adored these blowsy, delicate flowers for many years, I have had three of the plants in the garden – including a Tree Peony which blooms slightly earlier than the others.

My Peony love affair started just before the birth of our daughter having purchased a couple of Peony plants and a Tree Peony, I was delighted to see their progress and the fact that they ‘took’ well to our garden and delivered handsomely each year.

Peonies for us, also signify the birth of our daughter in May.

As well as the Peony starting to bloom in the garden, I received the biggest bunch of Sarah Bernhardt Peonies from my husband.


Bouquet of Peonies


And for about three or four years after on our daughters birthday.  I guess he liked us!

One of the crazy things about our Peonies in the garden is the fact that they get covered in ants.  I’m really not sure if this is a Peony thing but I would love to know.  I suspect in may be to do with the sticky substance they have as they are about to bloom.  What it does mean is that they can never be cut and brought inside because they are literally ‘running alive’ with the darn things.



Not to be outdone, I generally pop them in a vase on the table outside.  Because as we know, the Peonies with their lovely heavy, flowery heads will at some point get bashed around by the heavy winds that usually follow the glory of their arrival.  The poor things end up lying down and its such a waste that I have to cut them.  Of course they can be supported back up but sometimes its too late.

It is for this reason that I took the risky move of transferring them from the garden into huge pots.  I know they don’t like to be moved and I followed the rules to the letter – ‘ONLY IN AUTUMN’ – apart from one of them.  In this respect I would describe myself as a bit of a ‘chancer’ in the garden.  I’ve never come from a position of knowledge and I don’t follow a rule book unless I have to.  Some you win, some you lose!

It’s been a success – they survived.  The Tree Peony has already bloomed and is so much better supported in the pot.



And here is Sarah Bernhardt – second year in her new home, getting ready to bloom – only three of the buds look good for opening this year but it’s going in the right direction.

Some of the buds have just dried and not opened.  I am fully expecting and welcome someone to dive in with some expert advice here.

I’m also fully expecting someone to say that they don’t like pots.



This is the first summer that our third Peony (a deep cerise colour) has woken up in her pot and whilst, the foliage is abundant, there are no sign of any buds.  I suspect this one may be sulking.   She wouldn’t be the only one!

I also confess that she wasn’t moved in the Autumn.



There is always next year.


Sarah Bernhardt Peony


So my lovelies, does the Peony have special significance for you?

And if there are any Peony stories or experts out there, I would love to hear your thoughts on my ‘have a go’ gardening.

Enjoy yours!